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Introduction: K'nex Pinball Machine

About: Hi! I'm Andrew, an engineering student at CU. I like building with k'nex, and learning how to cook. I'm currently working on my largest ball machine to date, and it should be done around summer I think. ...
Hey everyone!  I'm proud to present my latest project; a full sized, playable, arcade-style K'nex pinball machine!  It took around four months to complete and way too long to film.  Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it!  Comment and subscribe!

A couple notes:

There are three main "features" of the machine.  There are two holes in the floor leading to lifts.  The first path shown in the video is one of these holes, and it leads to a chain lift.  Out of the lift, the ball drops into a flipper and onto a tubed path which winds its way around the entire machine, then back into the middle of the machine where it gets slightly more complicated.

Another feature is next to the left flipper.  The ball drops underneath the machine, and a lift carries it all the way back to the top, where it drops onto the red/green track.

The last feature, which I spent the most time on, is the other hole in the floor.  The mill lift carries the ball to the top, and the ball then drops into a holder.  A second ball is required to release the first one, and both are carried up the back by two small chain lifts.  Once they drop off, they both descend the entire machine, going through a double loop, then another single loop to reach the table.  An interesting note about this feature is that one motor powers all three lifts.  There's a picture showing the gearbox that transmits power to the two small chain lifts.




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    I just made a pinball machine

    it is absolutely amazing that someone could build that in their basement. my 11 year old daughter and her girlfriend have built the 3 circus rides which include the ferris wheel and 2 others, with very little help from me. k nex is awesome stuff, and what you have done is nothing short of spectacular. WELL DONE.

    That was worth every penny...The Mind Blower. Absolutly Fantastic.

    OHMYGOD !!!! THAT is Splendicularilly Phantastikal ! Other than the obvious fortune you musta spent getting all of those parts together, the amount of time it took had to have been VAST ! Thanks for sharing, this is by far the most impressive machine I think I have EVER seen !

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    Thank you so much! It's one of my favorite pastimes, especially after a crappy day at school. I just put in headphones and can build for hours on end :D

    A great idea, and a great Video for watching, over 5 minutes time off and a Beer!

    Gone to my Portuguese Gizmo Blog:

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    I've actually heard this from a couple of people. When I first started it, that thought wasn't even in my mind. The plastic that K'nex are made of are really really great in compression (think about trying to squish a blue rod by its ends), and not so great in tension (think pulling apart). From what I can tell, none of my rods were bent from the weight.