Knextus's Wheel Lift - a K'nex Ball Machine Lift

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Here are the instructions for the second lift on my ball machine Grid Tower II. The lift originally had 8 arms, but I removed 4 of them to make it work better. Below is the parts list for this lift:


Green: 6

White: 8

Blue: 20

Yellow: 32

Red: 21

Gray: 5

Flexi-yellow: 4

Total Rods: 96


Gray: 2

Light Gray: 2

Orange: 2

Red: 4

Purple: 12

Yellow: 16

Orange Tubing: 10

Blue: 4

White: 8

Total Connectors: 60


Blue Spacer: 19

Gray Spacer: 12

Tan Clip: 4

Y-Clip: 2

Orange Tubing Clip: 2

Motor: 1

Total Other: 40

Grand Total: 196

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.

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Step 1: Lower Half

Step 2: Upper Half



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    1 year ago

    I will be placing this into my next ball machine. Thanks for the instructions!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    You're welcome. I'm excited to see how you use my lift!