Knife Block




Introduction: Knife Block

  • This quite unusual but practical knife block is a relatively fast and simple project for your CNC machine...
  • There is some manual work involved (edge rounding, glueing and sanding) but with the right tools it won't take too much time...

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

Bill of materials:

  • (Beech) plywood:
    • 700 x 290 x 15mm
    • 460 x 340 x 15mm
    • 350 x 340 x 15mm
    • 260 x 340 x 15mm
  • Magnet Ø25 x 5mm (NdFeB)
  • Some 6mm dowels
  • Wood glue
  • Clear varnish or walnut oil
  • 3x Felt pads
  • Your favourite kitchen knifes


  • End mill (around 3mm)
  • Corner rounding bit
  • Sandpaper


  • CNC mill
  • Manual router


  • Estlcam or another CAM Software
  • A 2D CAD Program to customize the knife slots

Step 2: Overview:

  • Each main part consists of two respectively three 15mm boards that will later be glued together. It is much simpler to machine it this way than creating solid, thick parts...
  • Perfect alignment of the boards is ensured by some 6mm dowels...
  • The 3 main parts are held together by glued mortise / tenon joints. This is rock-solid and very simple to do on a CNC machine but you need to be aware of material thickness tolerances. If your material is considerably thicker or thinner than 15mm you should change the drawings accordingly - otherwise you'll face a lot of manual rework to fit the parts...
  • The shields knife slots need to be customized to match your blades - you can do this with most 2D CAD programs...
  • The sharpening steel is just held by a strong magnet inside the soldiers "helmet" - so it unfortunately won't work with ceramic ones...

Step 3: Lets Start:

Play the Video for step by step instructions...

Step 4: Project Files:

The .zip file below contains all required .dxf drawings and also the finished Estlcam project files...

Step 5: Some More Pictures:

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152 Discussions

can I get a picture so I can trace it on to my workpiece?

Hey, based on your idea I made my own design. A spartan like warrior knife block. Have a look here.

Thanks for sharing you idea!


That's a great design!

Your knife block is great. I have The Ex, it is made of plastic, I've been wanting to make a wooden version. After reading comments there are two things that you can adapt from the Ex to make yours better.

1. from people talking about the knife getting dull from contact: just like the magnet you put on the sharpener, there are magnets in the Ex on top of each knife to hold it up, and the slot is larger so that it doesn't come in contact with the sharp edge of the blade.

2. the concern about the sharp blades sticking out the back as a hazard to children or yourself: as one person suggested, leather sheaths would work, and as you can see the Ex has plastic.

I love your concept and exicution, keep it up!

3 replies

Keep knives (and this rack) out of the reach of children young enough to not know better. Having a sheath on won't be enough, if they can still pull the knife out and play with it!

Does this need to be said? Surely its a given to keep knives somewhere where young children can't reach them.....

I know this is an old post. But, I just love your "The Ex" knife holder. Thanks for sharing that pic.

Do you have, by any chance, the measures of the knives?

I'm Brazil, and I'm quite worried about the lenght and weight of the knives and if this little guy wouldn't lean forward....

Do you have a jpeg,or pdf pattern for these pieces to saw out?

Lol, sorry i forgot. Who's the guy saying their could be liabilities because the knifes are exposed? Sounds like a form of PC. Its called common sense, oye!

How about a version if you dont have cnc? Last time i looked i have a 8 inch joiner, 20 in planer, about $2000 worth of phiel carving chisels. More power tools then home depot.
Cnc, great tool if your doing production. Or for someone who likes to set up a program that does the work. Helloooo, a five year old could do that....

I've seen this same instructable a while ago, are the creator of that one or did you steal it?

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This Instructable was made in 2014. I think that's when you saw it first.

saya suka kreatifas anda.terima kasih.

I'll be 100% honest.. I didn't even read this Instructable. I just went straight to the comments section after seeing the first picture. This is the THE most EPIC knife block EVER! You need to find a manufacturer to mass produce these and start selling them retail. You could make a small fortune (or a large one)!!

3 replies

Somehow I don't think it's about making money at Instructables.

Not generally, no. But there are some exceptions.

Haha, LOVE this design. You could sell these if you wanted to...