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Introduction: Keurig Water Under Pressure Fix


This instructable may very on disassembly per machine. What I am fixing in this tutorial is the pressure switch on the circuit board. I have had this machine(K200 series) for less than a month now and have only used it about 4 times. Every time I would power it up an error message would pop up right away before even trying to brew, the message said, "Water under pressure." Usually this means that your needles located and the top AND bottom of the Keurig ( the ones that poke thru the k cup) are clogged, first use the orange cleaning accessory to clean the needles then try a paper clip. if that doesn't work then your pressure sensor has probably failed which I will get into in the next pages.

Step 1: Removing the Plastic

instructions may be alittle out of order due to me breaking a few thing to figure out how it went together..

To remove the plastic you will have to remove the glossed black U shaped piece in the back of the keurig and there will be two screws under there that you need to remove.

remove two little screw covers that the water reservoir covers when its in place, looks like a small circle on each side, then remove the screws.

after that there will be two more clips holding the top half of the back plastic piece, try bending the plastic a little to get the clips over the notches and remove the plastic

Take all the screws out of the bottom.

to remove the front plastic piece put the keurig on its back and pull the plastic down away from the top of the machine, where it begins to curve just pops off.

the side panel should just flex and pull off.

Step 2: Water Level Sensor

this picture shows how the keurig determines if there is enough water in the reservoir or not. don't need to know this but its good info if your having a problem involving the "add water" error.

Step 3: Circuit and Pressure Sensor

the failed pressure sensor will have a small hose going into it from the side of the board as shown in the picture ( the black circle on the right).

there will be 4 screws at the top of the rest of the keurig to remove the "head" take pictures of any cables and wires disconnected for reference.

the sensor that failed is a pressure sensor, model FPN-15PG as shown in the pictures.

to check the sensor you have to check the output voltage.

using the second picture showing the model number of the sensor check the voltage on pin (6) which is the pin at the top right of the sensor to the right of the little notch in the top middle of the sensor.

the voltage I believe should be under 1v, mine was at 4.94v (bad)

if you determine that your sensor is bad then just cut that prong.


sorry that this isn't a great instractable, I wasn't planning on making one so I don't have step specific pictures, however I wasn't able to find any info on how to do this or what causes the error message so here I am providing a little info.



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    7 Discussions

    Sounds about right lol

    I just received my replacement Keurig and I still have my old one that I fixed

    1 reply

    I removed my plastic by throwing it on the floor not wasting time and buying a new one lol


    1 year ago

    i admire your willingness to "BOLDLY GO...."

    Why don't you give it back if it's defect within a few months? There should be some guarantee.

    You also should add a disclaimer since this deals with high voltage.

    1 reply

    I called keurig and they are sending me a replacement, the only thing I am required to send back is the k-cup holder and I get to keep the rest of the machine. and I will put one on there, thanks

    Contact me if you have questions about ordering the part or anything involving the instructable. The part ranges drone $34-$55