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Introduction: Kunsthalle Linz

Hi! My name is Kirill

As an artist I was invited by Kunsthalle Linz (KHL) / export to make an exhibition. Starting from several key features of KHL such as mobility and scalability I have pushed it a bit further in my re-imagining of this institution as DIY cardboard white-cube that this instructable will help you make.

To build KHL you need:

1. PVC museum name board

2. cardboard box and second piece of cardboard for floor and back wall

3. LED light panel for ceiling, battery and USB charger for it

In addition to these three key components you need:

4. double-side tape which will hold the institution together

5. matt white paint (if your cardboard is not white)

6. white electric wire to connect light to power

Some useful tools are

7. soldering iron

8. white insulation tape

9. sharp knife and metal ruler

With these 9 elements and careful attitude your Kunsthalle will very soon take form.


Step 1: Materials / Tools

1. Cardboard box 30 x 35 x 39 cm
2. Piece of cardboard min 30 x 90 cm for floor and back-wall
3. Matt white spray-paint
4. White LED Backlight Module - Large 45mm x 86mm
5. Lithium Ion Battery - 3.7v 2000mAh
6. Lithium Ion battery charger of your choice, e.g. this one
7. 51 Ohm resistor (green-brown-black) or somewhere in 43-56 range (this pdf helps with colour codes)
8. 160 cm of thin electric wire, 28 awg would be enough
9. Kunsthalle Linz logo PVC board that you can get from your local print shop, the next step will deal with that

10. Double-side glue tape
11. White insulation tape
12. Sharp paper knife

13. Soldering iron, and solder
14. Wire-stripper

Step 2: Institution Name

This is the first and most important step: printing you Kunsthalle name-board. Here you would need help of your local shop, that would print logo from a file attached here onto a 3-5mm white PVC board and cut it to 29.3 x 6 cm

High resolution image to be printed is attached "print_material.tif"

Step 3: Build the Walls

Now it is time to build a Kunsthalle box out of cardboard, make floor and optionally add a back-wall. Use double-side tape to keep your institution together.

Step 4: Painter Department Job

Time to paint the cube white. Scruffy or perfectionist – now attitudes become form as you Kunsthalle is getting ready!

Step 5: Diffused Cold White Light Is a Must for Kunsthalle

At this step you have to be careful and patient. Battery as usual has red (+) and black (-) wires, those go to longer and shorter legs on the LED respectively. Between the battery + (red) and the long leg of LED you have to install a 51 Ohm resistor. First image shows you this simplified circuit. When using a battery charger, which is a must if you are planning something more than a one day performance festival or show for your white cube, connect battery to charger and connect LED to + and - pins on the charger as shown in the second image. For best reliability solder the connection points and wrap them after with insulation tape. When the battery is charged (via USB) you will see a cold light evenly emanated by this slick panel. Use some double-side tape to fix the panel to the ceiling!

Step 6: Final!

With the lights on and taped to the ceiling, hide battery and charger under the second floor and route the wires either in the corner or behind the back-wall (if you chose to have one). Time to attach the name plate above the entrance of your new Kunsthalle. Again use some double-tape and here you go!

Congratulations you are now a director of a freshly instituted Kunsthalle Linz, easy to build and mobile. Start planning shows and developing your institution further. Good luck!

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