LCD Screen Stand

Introduction: LCD Screen Stand

Actual Situation : Unstable LCD support

I have an old laptopLCD Screen which I wish to use as a PC monitor with my laptop.
I have the electronic issue taken care of, but need a support for the monitor to stand. I did not want to spend much on it, so I thought on using any recycled material from my backyard.

Step 1: Check Out What to Use...

The supplies: I went in my storage shed and gather some PVC tubings of different sizes, 45 degree

adapters, 1/2" thread adapters and 90 degre elbows among other stuffs...

Step 2: The Design

Drawing table: I need something small and reliable support for the LCD Screen. After looking at what I have

availble, I came up with the following design...

Step 3: More Than Bare Hands...

The tools: Electric drill, screw driver, hammer, kitchen knife, saw, etc

Step 4: Let's Get to Work...

Now comes the building!

1. Measure, marck and cut the big (6" Diameter) piece of pvc pipe I needed for the base and sand off all the edges and holes using sand paper.

2. Measure and cut the small pvc pipes according to drawing's lengths needed,

Step 5: ...keep on Woorking...

Let's Continue...

3. Make the support-to-screen connector out of a 1/2" pvc piece of pipe (heating it over fire and bending it with a pair o pliers), then make two small holes on each end for 1/4" from edges,

4. Assemble all together to locate the needed holes in the LCD Screen back metal part,

Step 6: ... Almost There...

A few more steps...

5. Disassemble and paint all the part for best look,

6. Reassemble all together and put the bolt and nuts to LCD Screen back metal.

Step 7: VOILA!

The final result! I have painted it and has been using it for two years now and it works perfectly. No bad for some olds PVC's tubing junk, oh?

Hope it works for someone else and can't wait to here from you and how you are update this model.

If any question, please conatct me at

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great solution! Very nicely done. Gotta love pvc for stuff like this! :)