LED Ping Pong Ball





Introduction: LED Ping Pong Ball

You can roll them, play catch with them, or even play fetch with your dog with them.(Larger dogs may choke, my dog is really small and cannot choke on it)

NEWER VERSION: (https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Ping-Pong-Ball-Improved/)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You need:
Super bright LEDs
Two Ping Pong Balls
CR2032 3V Coin Batteries


Step 2: Gather Tools

You need:
Hot Glue Gun

Step 3: Put Together LEDs

Put Together LED Throwies. It's the same concept as putting together a throwie, except you need no magnet.

Heres the instructable for throwies: LED Throwies

Step 4: Cut Ping Pong Balls

Get one ping pong ball and cut hole in top so that you can fit LED Throwie inside.

Then put throwie inside.

Step 5: Glue It Up

Put hot glue in ball so it keeps throwie in place.

You do not have to fill all the ways just fill so that LED does not move around inside.

Step 6: Cut Other Ping Pong Ball

Cut the other ping pong ball in half.

Step 7: Glue Side to Hole

Glue one half of the ping pong ball to top of led ball.

Step 8: Your Finished!!!

Mine did not come out that great because I ran out of super bright LEDs after I was fooling around with my green one. My first was better due to the super brights.



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    heres what i did and it can turn off and works with ping pong cut it directly in half so its even then put the LED throwie in it (i put 2 for a cool effect) then just tape on the seam then to turn off take off the tape :)

    This thing work better than I thought it would. The only problem is YOU CANT TURN IT OFF!!! 7/10


    probly ebay, i got 72 of the ones i used in this instructables on ebay for 15 bucks. They are not real ping pong balls made of cellulose, so u cant make smoke bombs, but they are plastic ones that work well for projects.

    of course -- but are they good for actually playing ping pong? (not your instructable, but the original ball...) although it would be cool to be able to play in the dark...

    If you don't want to cut the ball in half, you could just drill a hole or cut a slice into the ball and put the LED in that way. Then you only need a little bit of glue to cover the hole and its removable so you can shut it off or change the batteries. I'm thinking this would make a great cat toy. Here's a tip. Make two of these. Put a string through each one so you have a ball on a string in each hand. Turn off the lights and spin them around in the dark. You get a cool streaky effect. But be careful. I did that once with a glow in the dark cat toy. I sneaked up on my wife. It scared her so bad she nearly beat me half to death with a couch pillow. We had only been married a week so she wasn't used to my sick sense of humor. LOL This is great fun. Thanks for posting it.

    if u just make a peircing in the 'seam' of the ball you can pull the ball apart along the seam and you get a very neat cut straight along the middle. put the LED inside and glue it up witth hot glue!you can the cut off the excess hot glue to make it neater.

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