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Introduction: LED Lights Connected to Music

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Welcome to my Tutorial,

While LED strip lights are already an extremely cool and efficient way to shine some light into an ordinary household. Allowing these lights to interact with the music of your choice allows for an even more enriched experience. Instead of creating something myself I will be showing you how to use an LED music controller.

Make sure you check out my video for a demonstration on how to assemble this lighting system!

Step 1: Power Up

Before we can even step up the controller we need to find a way to give it power. If your lucky maybe your version came with a power supply but for those out there that aren't so lucky I've got you covered. These lights required a 12v power supply. I found a spare one I had laying around the house. the power adaptor I used looked like the one on this step.

Step 2: Connector

The next step will be to cut the special LED light strip connector on one side so we can separate the wires and strip them. you can strip these wires either using wire cutters or scissors. Once this is complete you ant to feed the four different coloured cord into their correct slots. how this is done is by pressing down on the buttons as you feed them in and letting go of the button once the wires are in which will lock them in place. So now we have our power supply and connect all wired into the controller.

Step 3: Connecting the Lights to the Connector

The Final step is to connect the LED strip lights themselves to the controller using the connector we had attached to the controller in the pervious step. To do that simply open up the hatch on the connector so we can feed the light in. now warning before you try to feed the light through ensure that there is no rubber coating on the light which would make it water proof. However, if there is like mine simply peel it back and cut it off using some scissors. then you can line the four bronze tabs on the light to the four sliver tabs on the connector. Once this is done close the hatch and your LED lights will be connected to the music controller.

Step 4: Party Time

Once this is all done get on some music of your choice but ensure that the speaker is put extremely close to the controller as the sensors aren't that strong. Now you have lights that will flash along to your music. If you wish to see an example of this check out my video for a demonstration of the lights in action!

Thank you for checking out this tutorial and if you want to see more by me make sure to follow my account and subscribe to my channel to support future builds.

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