LED Roulette Wearable Crochet

After power on, it starts a LED chase. Turn on one LED and wait a while, than turn it off and turn it on the next neighbor LED and so on. After the 10-th LED is off the cycle starts again. With time the chase will be slower, and it will stop at a random LED. After the winning LED is on it will make a LED blinking show, and start the roulette mode again.

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Step 1: Build Electronics

Solder the LED-s, and resistors to the board according the attached schematic. Connect the battery.

BOM list:

10 pcs 220 ohm Resistor 5% 1/4W 0.25W

5 pcs green LED

5 pcs red LED

1 pc LilyPad Cell Button CR2032 Battery Holder Module

1 pc Lilypad 328 Main Board ATmega328P Wearable Motherboard

1 pc CR2032 3V Lithium Cell Button Battery

1 pc crochet made with Crochet Pattern Player


Step 2: Upload Software

Attached you can find the software. Open it with Arduino IDE You can modify the code as your need and upload it to Lilypad 328P Main Board.

Step 3: Crochet the Gadget

Create a crochet for the electronics.

Open the attached pattern with Crochet Pattern Player, it will help create this project.


If you would like to create/generate crochet patterns for other gadgets use this tool:


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