LED Vanity Mirror




I used Carson Nicely's video https://youtu.be/bWCVy5lk8BY as a reference.

Step 1: First Start by Taping the Mirror

I taped the mirror off 1.5 inch all around the mirror, you want to make sure you have enough room for the frame.

Step 2: First Step to Sanding the Mirror

I laid the mirror on a towel, make sure you wear a mask and keep it wet so you don't breath the dust in. Some mirrors can contain lead. For the guide on the dremel I used was a top of a pop bottle and I put a hole through the lid and screwed the nut back on. when sanding I used a cup of water and a towel so I could put water on it and wipe it down. I sanded close to the tape but not on it.

Step 3: Second Step to Sanding the Mirror

I lightly clamped down a metal ruler and put it on the edge of the tape to get a remove the final bit of coating in a clean line. Don't forget to water down the glass a bit.

Frosting the glass--I didn't show the next step but I used both a diamond coated bit to etch the glass and liquid etch too. If you don't want to do that you can buy a frosting spray for glass.

Step 4: Start With Your Frame

I found some trim at our local scrap store, mine was 1/2 inch x 1 inch, but really that part is to your preference. I used a miter box for the 45 degree corners, I glued with Gorilla glue and clamped together and the corners were done with finishing screws.

Step 5: Wight Out

I cut the backer board to the sides of the frame and used flat white spray paint on the backer board and the inside of the frame for light reflection.

Step 6: LED Lights

I bought ribbon LED lights with adhesive, you have to leave room for the frame. I realized after I put it together I should have made little bit more for the frame. I measured the length of the LED before I taped them to make sure they were even all the way around. When that was done I soldered them together to have one continuous ribbon.

Step 7: Finish

To finish I put the back on the frame and pre-drilled holes for the screws put the screws in, I bought a dimer switch for the LEDs. I put a hook on the back to hang it on the wall but my wife says the ultimate would be to find a small tv wall mount that comes out of the wall to have different angles and to get up close.

Step 8:



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2 years ago

This is exactly what I want to do! However my mirror and frame are arched at the top and swoop down towards the edges. Could this work with the led strips? (I'm completely new to this) Or do you have any suggestions?


Reply 2 years ago

sorry about the Led I got mine on Amazon, but your vanity mirror look awesome!!!!!


Reply 2 years ago

This site has a variety of temperatures. I would probably use a warm white or a daylight white or a mix of both!


I will be planning my own vanity soon!


3 years ago

Can you explain what you meant when you said

"I realized after I put it together I should have made little bit more for the frame."


1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

what I meant was, I should have moved the LEDs in a little more to give room for the frame. thank you for your comment and I hope that clears it up, if you have anything other questions let me know I'll be glad to answer for you.