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Introduction: Recycle Reminder Lamp From Upcycled Water Bottle

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This I'ble will show you how to craft a neat and simple portable lamp from a recycled water bottle. Not only will it shed its light for hours on end it will create a talking piece to prompt others to join in our fight to save the globe.

Save these valuable bottles and recycle/upcycle them any way you can!

Lets build our LED lamp.

This is a entry to the "Keep the bottle" contest. Please take the time to vote if you think the idea, is worth me getting a prize for it. I would really enjoy the prize, so please vote.

Step 1: What You Will Need

We will only need a few items for this prject. They include

~ Two water bottles.

~ Scissors.

~ One High powered LED . (Preferably out of some old electronics)

~ An applicable battery for your LED (If you can not obtain a battery to suit, purchase some resistors from your local electronics store.).

~ One rocker switch (purchase one from your local electronics store or salvage it from old electronics)

~ Glue.

~ 240 grit sand paper.

Step 2: Cutting the Bottles

Cut the top off one of your bottles.

Make the cut below the neck where the bottle neck meets the flat sides.
Trim the cut flush.

This will be the top of our lamp.

Cut the bottom off your other bottle.

Make the cut about 12 mm / 1/2 inch from the bottom.
Trim the cut flush

This will be our base of the lamp.

We now need to cut the hole for the switch.
Trace out the required hole and cut where you feel appropriate. I chose the back, yet the side would still be fine.

Step 3: Sanding the Bottles.

In order to make the bottle seem less like a bottle, we shall sand the plastic to an opaque finish. This will still allow light to transfer yet diffuse it to a certain extent.

Take your sand paper and with circular motions abraid the inside and outside of the top/bottom.

Step 4: Building the Circuit

The circuit is a very basic.

It is simply a

LED connected on one terminal to a

Battery (Mine are 3x rechargable 1.5v) then the other battery terminal is connected to a

Switch then the switch is connected back to other terminal of the LED.

My circuit does not require resistors, as the value of the LED equals the power output of my batteries. the batteries ar housed within the LED module. Practice making your own basic lighting circuits. They are great for simple projects like this.

Step 5: Glue the Circuit and Switch in Place

Apply some of your adhesive to the center of the base, then to the LED.

Allow to dry.

Cut out a hole to insert your switch.
Insert the switch with a little adhesive to hold.

Step 6: Bring the Base and Top Together

I would suggest you not glue the base and top together, as when the battery finally dies you may wish to chnage it. Provided you get the base correct you should find the fit very snug and adequate to function.
You may also wish to apply a mains power tranformer unit, if you intend on this device running for extended periods of time.

Step 7: Your Finished

Your LED Water Bottle lamp shall provide you with hours of illuminated delight and will transform any darkened room into a aesthetical wonderland.
Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it also provides ample light for any home DIY project.
The fully shrouded exterior means no worries when it comes to bumps and knocks.

I hoped you enjoyed this project and bare in mind that the possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling.
No valuable bottle reaches my recycling at home. They are immediately washed/labels removed and stacked according to size.
They are then harvested for the raw materials.
They are an excellent medium to exploit for a variety of ingenious projects.

I hope you are all inspired to create your own bottle piece of ingenuity. Good Luck!!

This is a entry to the "Keep the bottle" contest. Please take the time to vote if you think the idea, is worth me getting a prize for it. I would really enjoy the prize, so please vote.



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    very cool and simple as well. I can see making this using a recycled either mercury switch or a gravity type switch where when the lamp is turned over, it lights, flip it again and it goes off. that might if thought out eliminate having an obstruction on the side of the lamp. great i'ble, certainly gives me ideas, thanks.

    I am going to try this with a color changing LED. I think it will be cool. I have one question and forgive me if I missed it but where are the batteries in your photos? Did you use coin batteries?

    2 replies

    The batteries are located inside the epoxy LED module. Yes an RGB module would be nice. i had a few around the house but can't find them now. If I can, I'll post another i'ble on a RGB version. Thanks for your comment.

    By my calcs its about 5 months ago you posted "Star of Eridanil". Nice I'ble by the way! Did you see my Capture a Fallen Star?


    well, if your 'calcs' say so...I dinnae blame you. but my memory indicates an enlarged stress level around the date of 31 december 2008, because I wanted to publish it before that "'workshop, show your creation'" contest ended. and that isn't 5 months ago, but maximum 10 days before the publishement date on this. 'ible. because of this I willnae vote for you, but i'll rate a 4. isn't that a good deal?

    Oh? "By my calcs" I meant I checked the publish date on your I'ble and it says -

    Joined:Jul 5, 2008

    published: Dec 31, 2008

    Guess I checked to fast.... I read your join date as published date....

    It is a pity on the deadline issue as you could have entered in the contest too. I guess i'll just have to contend with the several other "Bottle light" I'bles.

    Thanks for the rating, but you know you really should vote. ;)

    Just following up on your reference, as I was not aware of the direct corrolation between simplistic and moronic. After searching several online dictionaries and my hard copy here, I am yet to find any. May I ask where you found your reference as I would very much like to correct myself? Simplistic (adj.) characterized by extreme and often misleading simplicity Overly simple; In a manner that simplifies the issue to a degree where many important details are lost; not complex ; simple ; usually an insult overly simplified, as in: The drug problem hasn't been solved by simplistic slogans like "Just say no".

    Well, there it is: "usually an insult" Sorry to have rattled you; wasn't trying to, I like the lamp. Cheers, M

    Te he he! It would take alot more than a helpful comment to "rattle" me friend. I am still a bit lost on the reference to "Moronic" though, I must say. I guess it may be cultural aswell. In Australia even if someone called you "simplistic" it would be taken as a complement, as the opposite is to be "complex" which would not be a complement here.

    Oh, I didn't realize you were in the antipodes. That could explain the difference. Nice to say hello to someone who is on the opposite side of the world, opposite time of day and opposite season. Here, in Columbus, OH, US, it is 1deg. Fahrenheit today (17C) and there are 4" or 5" (11cm) of snow on the ground. Staying in and making lamps seems like a good idea.

    1 deg. Fahrenheit? Here in Lansing, Michigan it's -12 and tomorrow it is supposed to get down to -28 degrees Fahrenheit. We have about 5 inches of snow too, maybe an inch or so more. Staying inside sounds like a good idea to me too.