LEGO Tire Headphones Organizer



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An easy to make headphone/earbuds wire organizer. This is actually an idea that hit me when I saw btru's Sculpey Clay headphone cord organizer, but in this, we are going to make it out of flexible, rubber LEGO tires.

Step 1: LEGO Tires

You will need 3 LEGO tires. I found it best to use Standard-axle Large size. The small, thick ones in other words.

Step 2: Tools

Just super glue and scissors is all.

Step 3: Cut the Tires

You need to make the final product to be peanut shaped. So, cut chunks off of two of the tires so each has a little less than 3/4 circle left. Next, cut the 3rd tire into two 1/3 or 1/4 chunks. You should have these.

Step 4: Glue

Glue so the ends all fuse smoothly together and make a shape similar to this.

Step 5: It's Finished!

These are two different ones that I've made as not-so-prototypes. This should fit any size of headphones unless they are full wrap around buds.

Step 6: Alternate Design

If you don't want to butcher your tires, try this design. This is just two tires with holes poked through the sides, and a plastic rod in between them and in the sides. Still suggest super glue.



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