LG 37'' LCD TV Board Swap

Introduction: LG 37'' LCD TV Board Swap

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Step 1: Tools I Used

A skinny phillips screw driver,padded envelops,two magnets,multimeter

Step 2: Lay Tv on Flat Surface,Remove Back Panel

Lay pads down first then turn TV screen side down on them. Now remove all the screws approx. 20 of them,use magnets to fish out deep ones

Remove the stand as well

Step 3: Check for a Noticeable Problem

Look over the main board for burnt areas and for swollen capacitors... The most common problem

Step 4: Disconnect Board Wires

Pull the plugs on the main control board

Step 5: Get New Board or Capacitors....

Had a TV with the same board so I just swapped the whole board

Step 6: Put Back to Geather

Plug all your hookups back into the new or used board

Step 7: Test It Out

works great

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    12 years later, and we are STILL feeling the effects of Capacitor plague.
    are those single wire backlight connectors? The pink wires in The second to last picture.