Lamp Repair With Sugru

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Intro: Lamp Repair With Sugru

While out scrapping, we found this lamp in someones trash. 
The reason it was discarded was because the threads were worn in between the top & bottom section and would no longer stand up straight.  We thought it was too nice of a lamp to toss into a pile at the scrap yard so we decided to try to repair it. 
With a little Sugru, we now have a usable (& straight) standing floor lamp.

Step 1: Filling in the Worn Threads

Take some Sugru and fill the inside & outside threads in. 
Put the two pieces together and  twist them a bit to make sure they seat together well and the 2 pieces are aligned properly. 
Wipe off any excess Sugru that may squeeze out.

Step 2: Glowing Results

Wait for the Sugru to set and you now have a new lamp to sit & read a copy of "The Best of Instructables" book by. 
Thanks to the wonderful staff at Instructables, for sending me the Sugru, the only cost will be a new glass shade for it... if we don't find one in the trash that is. ;)



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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have a similar lamp where the rod has come unattached from the base. It doesn't have threads and the connecting piece is broken inside the rod (kind of like a light bulb broken inside the socket). Any ideas for how to fix it?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey, I love this. It makes us all really happy at sugru to see something live a longer life and stay out landfill :)

    1 reply

    It baffles me to no end how people can just toss things out so easily, especially in this economy, when all they need is just a little fixing up!
    Thank you for making such an awesome product that can be used to not only fix things like this lamp but create & improve so many other things! In my opinion, Sugru steps up & "fills in the gaps" where Duct tape leaves off! :) This lamp certainly wouldn't look so pretty with Duct tape wrapped around it!