Lampshade From Thread




Introduction: Lampshade From Thread

To work needed thread, balloon, PVA glue, scissors, cotton swab, hand cream.

Step 1:

Inflate the ball to the desired size, tying, lubricates the surface of the cream.

Step 2:

Winding yarn ball with glue at the end of the work the thread is cut, folded the tip of her already strained by a thread. We reserve the ball to dry overnight.

Step 3:

When the glue is dry, cotton swab disconnect thread from the ball, lightly pressing down on it.

Step 4:

Slowly deflate the ball, remove it from the future of the lampshade. Cut a hole of the desired diameter, insert the light bulb with holder and fix it.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    tried this one time, used wallpaper glue. in Holland it's like 80% potato starch. worked great and did hang quite a while. then the rain came and made the room a bit moist.(window was open) then the heating went up and that was the end of the thread lamp. it killed it! it just imploded haha.


    3 years ago

    Very pretty :)