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Introduction: Laptop Bag

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Saw this design recently: but two things immediately struck me, no handle and no where to store a power supply or mouse. So....

Note: as of 9/12 The bag is complete but havent added pockets for psu, mouse & bateries

Step 1: Materials

Materials are irrelevent. Although the felt case from the Maloo site may cause some cooling issues for powerbooks. I wanted a moderately durable material and opted for this 1/8" thick antistatic workbench rubber mat. Some neoprene for the interior to provide some shock absorbsion and a combination velcro & tarp snap for fastning.

Step 2: Plan Layout

While I like the layout from the original idea there is a slight issue, most spare material I have is a yard wide and a 15" laptop wont be easily covered. I've opted to have a long fold across the width of the powerbook. Fastners will come in from the top and bottom, and the long flap will fasten with a handle.

In the end this design 'limitation' allowed me to include a mouse mat area. For the accessory storage requirement I'm going to attach a stretchy material to the long flap (what is the underside in this image). So, the long flap can go both under the short flaps for a tidy looking case, but along the outside of the snap/velcro short flaps if you're carrying extras. I'm going to head over to tj-maxx and pick up a nylon sports shirt with a nice pattern and adhere it to the outside.

Step 3: Cut the Neoprene

I cut the neoprene so that when the bag is folded together it forms the interior of the bag. One of the final steps is to adhere it to the rubber mat with contact cement. Added some fabric spacers to allow a little air under the powerbook, which can get bloomin hot let me tell ya!

Step 4: Add the Snap Fastners

These are heavy duty fasters for tarps.

Step 5: Handle

I'm sure there's a proper name for this type of arrangement, if someone would like to post a comment I'll update this step

Step 6: Finishing Touches

velcro between the snaps
rounded the corners



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    2 years ago

    this is so nice and simple bag...i like it..

    Thank you so much for this!  I've had my eye on the Red Maloo case for a while ($140.00 ?!?!?!) and have been thinking of making one.  Your design with a handle is a very nice touch.  Not sure if I will use industrial felt or an old yoga mat.

    Could easily have found snaps at any craft/sewing store... even heavy duty ones.  Don't see why you went to so much extra work modifying the ones from the hardware store.  Nice bag!

    I don't see why you need the snaps (or any fasteners).
    Simply fold in these flaps before you fold over the 'side' with the handle and that should hold it all together.

    I'm currently making this case for my 17" macbook pro out of a few layers of heavy fabric. I made a quick pattern in illustrator that other people might be interested in using too:

    If you're doing this for a different laptop you could just scale it a bit.

    I'm pretty close to done and if it turns out well I'll send you photos.

    Great instructable!

    7 replies

    Nice solution for the equipment but I would add some kind of flap with velcro to the bag for equipment. For example if you go travelling a lot, it would be easier that all the stuff inside the equipment bag wouldn't go venturing around your suitcase. :)

    I give up, couldnt find the image on your blog - could you send me a direct link? cheers /pauric

    That is just insane - I like jftesser's fabric version much better - but it blows my mind to see someone re-use one of my designs - made my day!