Laser Cut Flat Pack Jewelry Holder in Fusion 360



Introduction: Laser Cut Flat Pack Jewelry Holder in Fusion 360

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(this is my first instructable, so please be nice.)

in this instructable, you will learn how to make a jewelry holder in Autodesk fusion 360 that comes apart into almost nothing.

for this project, you will need:

-a computer with fusion 360

-a laser cutter

-the "dxf for laser" app (free on the fusion app store)

-45 minutes to an hour of free time



you can also make it with a 3d printer if you want to.

Step 1: Make Parameters

open the "parameters" function(the greek symbol under modify), and hit the green plus sign by user parameters.

give it a name(I chose "wood") and assign it a number(I did 3.5 mm). this will be the number that you use almost whenever you extrude something.

Step 2: Sketch and Extrude Your Tree

you should make a sketch that looks something like this.

be sure to have a construction line down the middle. I made half of the outline, then mirrored it and then made the branch designs on the inside.

then extrude it by the parameter(I will refer to this as wood) that you set earlier. make sure to put the name of the parameter where you would normally put the number.

Step 3: Make Your Peg Holes

make holes in the tree that are 1.75 mm in diameter. I chose to put them only in certain places, but you can put them wherever you want to.

extrude them by negative wood

Step 4: Make a Copy

use the move/copy tool to make a copy of your tree.

Step 5: Combine the Trees

use the move/copy tool to combine the trees. make sure that the slots match up.

Step 6: Make a Branch

make something that looks like this using a new sketch and extrude it by wood

Step 7: Make Another One

mirror it.

Step 8: Delete Part of It

delete one side. (yes, it does matter)

Step 9: Fillet and Chamfer

make it look pretty by filleting and chamfering

if you are doing this on a 3d printer, you can print it now, piece by piece.

Step 10: Make It!

scan each piece with dxf for laser and put it onto a USB.

laser cut it and assemble. put toothpicks into the holes(I broke them apart and hammered them in).

have fun and thank you!

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