Laser Cut Pumpkins

Introduction: Laser Cut Pumpkins

To make laser cut pumpkins, I used Rhino 5 and and Epilog Zing 24 laser cutter. For materials I used and a 0.11" thick doorskin. I hope that you enjoy this instructable and post your creations to the comment section below!

I know how it goes sometimes when you don't have enough time to make something that is why I am going to leave you the cut file here. Be careful to scale up or down the the file to the correct thickness of material that you will be using.

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Step 1: Finding Your Image

I started by finding an image of a pumpkin that I would like to trace and saving it to my computer. After this I would open up Rhino and use the picture frame command to open the image. After this I traced the outer edge of the pumpkin with control point curve.

Step 2: The Graphics

I deleted the image from the previous step, to be left with an outline of the pumpkin. I then added text to the center of the curves and hatched it. I then grouped the curves with the hatching.

Step 3: Making the Stand

To make a stand for the pumpkin, I made a 1" by 2" stand "thing" that interlaces with an almost identical stand. After this I made a small and a large attachment that will hold the pumpkin at an upward angle.

Step 4: Cut and Assemble

This bit is a bit self explanatory so I am going to let you guys have at it.

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