Laser Cut Wooden Bar Clamp

Introduction: Laser Cut Wooden Bar Clamp

Wooden bar clamp

Laser cutter 150 watt

Plywood 3 mm

PVA glue

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Laser Cut

Step 3: Assembly

Step 4: Trouble

Step 5: Finish

Step 6: All Process on YouTube



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    3 Discussions

    Could you add the plan for this? I really would like to have one of this in my shop!

    That looks great, how much weight will it hold?

    Wow, this is really cool!

    If you added just a bit of written description to each step explaining how to complete it, this would be something we would feature on the site. Check out our featuring guidelines here:

    Let me know if you add any text to the steps - I'd love to see a little more detail on how you completed this. Cheers!

    Sam (seamster)

    Instructables Community Manager