Laser Pointer Modification

Introduction: Laser Pointer Modification

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Modifying a small laser pointer to accept larger batteries.

Step 1: Modification

I had a key chain laser pointer that soon became my dogs favorite toy. (He loves to chase the red point around) Unfortunately the batteries would run out after a few hours of play. At $4.95 each the batteries are pretty pricey and the pointer needs 3. I decided to modify it, to use regular batteries instead of the expensive ones.
What you will need:
- laser pointer
- car cigarette lighter plug
- hose clamp
- 4 AA battery holder
- electrical tape

Step 2: Assembly

- solder a positive and negative wire to where the batteries fit in the laser pointer
- fit the wires through butt end of the cigarette lighter connector
- fit laser pointer into butt end of cigarette lighter connector (might have to use electrical tape to butt fit it properly (red tape in previous picture))
- the old batteries were 1.5v each, that means we need 3 AA batteries to have the same voltage
- attach clamp in the middle of laser and cigarette lighter connector
- attach battery holder to clamp
- attach wiring to battery holder
- insert batteries and test

Final Notes:
After extensive testing, a set of batteries will last a year or more. It looks like a funky alien weapon but it makes great fun for my dog and koi fish.



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    I'm not good at making instructables so I want someone to make an instructable about uses of a laser pointer. I guess they can entertain you but not a ton... ??

    solder a positive and negative wire to where the batteries fit in the laser pointer - I would like to do this for a different project it is not working for me. where exactly do you solder the wires ? Thanks

    1 reply

    If You dont want to disassembly this cheap laserpointer, You may solder negative wire to string and positive wire to tapping or casing. If You have extracted board, then negative wire to point, where was attached string and positive wire to contact, where was attached casing of pointer.

    Yes, it is 5V. But, when I play with my dog, my PC/laptop rest home.. So, nice idea, but for other use..

    you said, "the old batteries were 1.5v each, that means we need 3 AA batteries to have the same voltage". However AA batteries are 1.5V anyway. Also are your batteries in paralell or series. It looks as if they are in series which means that however many batteris you connect in series they will still have the same voltage (in your case 1.5V). This means that in fact you dont need three batteries. The only way you would need three was if your original batteries were 4.5v and your new ones were connected in series.

    8 replies

    The original batteries were 1.5v each, times three. Regardless of whether series or parallel increase the voltage, the old setup called for three 1.5v batteries, and he replaced them with three 1.5v batteries, so he did it properly.

    HAHA are you kidding? 1 AA batt = 1.5V, 1 old batt = 1.5V.

    1.5V old batt x 3 = 4.5V
    1.5V AA batt x 3 = 4.5V
    It's grade school math, and so is this:
    1.5V ≠ 4.5V, or
    1.5V < 4.5V. They aren't the same, dude.

    Oh yeah, Second Grade called, you're due for another year.

    Ease up, he did the same thing many of us have done, misunderstood the OP and thought he meant 1.5v *total* for the old batteries. Be nice.

    You are a complete moron. Learn electronics BEFORE start complaining. IF you put 3 AA batteries in series, that counts to 4.5V. Amps stays the same, just like blackghost informed. If you put them in parallel though, then it'll be still 1.5V but it'll last longer.

    why do u need a cigerate lighter?

    i have a very limited spending range how much does all of this total?

    I have tried to do this before and it broke my laser pointer. Overpowering the laser pointer will only make it break easier. not brighter,

    3 replies

    I used one D cell battery and it shined brighter for a split second and dimmed to nothing in about 3 more seconds

    same happened with mine but it came back to life when i kept it in the freezer for a hour