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Introduction: Lasercut E-Guitar

About: I am a Luthier from Austria. I studied Product-Design at the NDU in St-Pölten.

It is a Open Design electric guitar. Whith this thing you can cut-out lightway electric guitar parts to build your own playable guitar.

You need:

a laser cutter
6 toothpicks
two sheets 80cm x 45cm x 4mm birch plywood
2 51cm 6x6mm steelbars
2 20cm 6x6mm steelbars
1 Humbucker I took a Gotoh p90
2 250 kOhm potis Göldo
a jackplug Göldo
a strat-style bridge. Göldo Hardtail bridge (HW16C)
3L 3R Mechanics. I used them from an old guitar
24 Frets Göldo Slim Jumbo frets (WS012)
1 cap
Strings Pyramid E-Strings 011

If you are interested in this or change some things, let me see whats your end-product.

Download link:

Step 1: Cut Everything Out and Get 2 Meters of an 6mm X 6mm Steelbar

Glue the puzzle parts together.

Step 2: Main Body

Take the long parts and put them together, there are some spacer called "end Piece", "under the pickup" and "after the neck" to keep the right space. Add the short steelbar in the gab at the part with the number "2" and "6".

Step 3: Headstock

there are two pieces for the headstock, the one with the tiny holes is on the bottom. for the mechanics there are spacer to get the right thickness.

Step 4: Neck Part

Take the long steelbar und the fret parts and get them on place.

Step 5: Body

use the letters. cross A with A, B with B, and so on. After this you can glue the pot-knob

Step 6: Frets

glue the frets in the space between of the 2 woodfrets-things. before this is happening, length them on right dimension.

Step 7: Hardware

check out a baking plan for this equipment and put the parts together. Then you can put the parts on place. Drill two holes in the parts called "unter the pickup", so that you can adjust the p90.

Step 8: Get Strings on It

tune your guitar more than just a few times, the wood is working with the tension. After this is working adjust the bridge as low that you have about 3mm heigh on the 12. fret.
now rock!

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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago on Step 8

    Excellent pictures and what a fabulous way to use your laser cutter...

    How log did it take you to make it ?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you,

    Planning time was about 4 month, cutting time is about 2 and a half hour, get everything together took me about 1 hour.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, my interest is the deeper inter fret where you push down on a string to change a tone.. Alas my fingers are way too soft to play chords,, If that is the case, I might be able to play such an instrument..

    Am II correct about a greater depth between frets ??


    Reply 2 years ago

    There is much space between two frets and the string, at the moment I have 011 strings on it, so its a little have to push, but it should also wort with lighter strings so it would be easier for playing.
    Have I understood your question right?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes you did and thank you..

    Favorited you.

    Mario Gustavo
    Mario Gustavo

    2 years ago

    Detalhes interessantes, paço a paço claro e preciso. Parabéns!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much.
    At first I wasn't sure if it looks good, but now I also like this style.