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My wife... again...

She wanted somethign to sort in our laundry. She bought some of these strange things from IKEA. But it was only one solution far away from the best solution.

I convinced her to Build something great out of it which is more usefull. The requirements are somethign like.

- Better than before

- Extra storrage (for other strange things from IKEA)

- Table for temporary stuff

- "I don't want to bend down all the time"

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Step 1: The Frame

For the frame I've used plane steel pipes.

The Bags from IKEA will be thread onto a M12 threaded bar. Therefore the nuts are placed on strategic optimal places ;-)

Step 2: A New Requirement

Her: "It would also be nice if I'm able to move the Table"

Me: "Then you should start weight training"

Her: "No, you have to solve it OR [Place some threat here]"

Me: "OK honney I'll add some wheels"

Due to our agile setup new requirements come in all the time.

Step 3: Add the Boards

For storrage I placed a OPC board and screwed it throught the wheelsupport.

The table is connected to the frame with a flap joint. Into the frame I've used a rivet into the Table ordanary screws.

Step 4: The Gas Pressure Spring

To easen the usage of the table and to add a end stop I've used a old gas pressure spring from an old project from my dad.

Step 5: Assembly

After I've painted all the steel parts, we've started the assembly. To prevent defects on the IKEA bags we used heat shrink tube. To look cooler I was forced to whear my hoody.



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    5 Discussions


    This idea right here is so ingenius! It can be used outside of the laundry room as well. The children's room could see so much floor space when the mess gets carefully organised in those neat little sorting bags. Kindergarten teachers could rip this idea off too!


    6 months ago on Introduction

    Ok, this is cool, but do we really need to sort laundry into so many storage hampers before they all go into the wash? If you've got a big family I suppose that this would be a lot more useful…

    1 reply
    Layer 8markgrogan

    Reply 6 months ago

    We sort and wash it separated like this (It's possible that this is more a German thing):
    - Wite and bright colors (30°C)
    - Black and dark colors (30°C)
    - Towels, dishcloths and stuff (60°C)
    - Baby stuff (40°C)
    We then also separately wash cloth diapers.

    In china something like this is not necessary. There you normally don't have the possibility to heat the water.

    How do you sort your laundry?


    Who knew this innovation even exists. Now the laundry room does not have to look as though it hasn't been done for weeks! The table top can even be used to neatly stack detergent and such.

    1 reply
    Layer 8David_Hamilton

    Reply 6 months ago

    To be honest... you only shift the area which looks like hell :-) But overall it helps a lot in daily life.