Lawn Beverage Stake/Holder



I made a DIY lawn beverage holder that you just push in the ground!
The prices are too high for a simple thing you can make and modify how you like.

Things you need

1-3/8 steel rod 2 ft long
1-3/8 rod threader
1- 3" PVC connector
1- PVC 3" screw cap
2 - 3/8 16 bolts
2 - 3/8 washers
1- drill w/ 3/8 bit

Use 3/8 rod threader and thread 1 1/2 inches of one end of rod.
Drill hole in middle of PVC screw cap and attach threaded rod with nuts and washers;tighten!
Optional drill small drainage holes in bottom when finished.
Optional paint with plastic PVC paint or DYE!

See pics below.



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