Leaf Stool




Introduction: Leaf Stool

This stool's top board is shaped leaf.

It is easy to carry because this can disassemble when you want.

Materials:OSB(11.5mm),MDF(5.5mm),round wood bar(Φ24*450mm),screws

Tools:rhinoceros,laser cutter machine,CNC,3D printer

This idea is based on my teacher, YAMASHITAKEN's work:


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Step 1: Making the Date

Make the date by rhinoceros.

Step 2: Cutting Materials

Cut MDF by laser cutter machine and OSB by CNC (I used handibot).

After cutting OSB, make wood edge smooth with the electric sander.

Step 3: Making Caps

Make caps for legs by 3D printer.

Step 4: Bonding

After bond MDF and OSB with wood grew, cramp tight.


Step 5: Assembling

Assemble all parts with screws and wood grew.

Step 6: Finish!

You can use not only sitting but also displaying something on this.

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    I love seeing the ideas come together on this page. I reckon I would legitimately see some of these designs actually selling in a furniture store somewhere near my home if I didn't know any better!