Leaf and Stick Fort




Introduction: Leaf and Stick Fort

About: My name is bob i LOVE airsoft.

This fort is easy to make and can be made entirely from woodland materials.

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Step 1: Find a Nice Spot

Find a tree or two near one another preferably with forks near the base.

Step 2: Clearing

Rake the leaves and other debris away from the trees in a small clearing. save the leaves we will use them later.

Step 3: Collect and Frame

Collect a bunch of thin stick twigs and branches. They should no thicker than 2" in diameter. Then pile the sticks on so that there is space beneath the sticks.

Step 4: Pile on the Leaves

Two options here: One pile the leaves on the outside, Two fill it in completely.

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    20 days ago

    Will it stand up to rain?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Learned how to make these in Outdoor School when I was a lad, up in Alaska. Very important skill to have.