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The LeapBot is an Embedded Systems project we decided to realize as a proof-of concept to find out if the implementation of controlling robotic systems with only our hands would be doable.

As you will see in this instructable, we managed to do just that !!!

Enjoy !!!!! ;)

Made by Ken MOUSSAT && Clément RENDU

Step 1: Requirements

Sensor :

- LeapMotion

Electronics :

- Raspberry PI 2/3/3B+ with Raspbian Jessie Installed

- Apache2 server installed

- php installed

- python installed

- 2 Servo Motors

- 6 Female-Male Wires

- One power supply or USB cable

- One Ethernet cable or Network Connection for the Raspberry

Structure :

- Access to a 3D Printer

Step 2: 3D Printing

Download the 3 STL files for a robotic arm.

All modelling credits goes to this instructables from which we took the files.


You download them there or here.

Step 3: Electronics Schema

Please follow this simple Fritzing schema

For the first Servo being the one at the base.

Connect the Orange cable to the 5V pin (PIN 2)

Connect the Maroon cable to the GND pin (PIN 6)

Connect the Orange cable to the GPIO18 (PIN 12)


For the second Servo being the one connected to the first arm

Connect the Orange cable to the 5V pin (PIN 4)

Connect the Maroon cable to the GND pin (PIN 14)

Connect the Orange cable to the GPIO25 (PIN 22 )

Step 4: Installation

Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet

Navigate in command line to var/www/html

And git clone the following repository below :


Then go to etc/

And edit the sudoers file and add this line :


Then you're ready to launch your Apache Server:

You may go into your navigator to http://raspberrypi.mshome.net/LeapBot/

Then you just have to connect your Leapmotion device and enjoy !!!

Step 5: Demo



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