Leather Jacket





Introduction: Leather Jacket

My very first leather jacket, entirely hand made.

A lot of work, a lot of lessons learnt and more to come :)

Step 1: Choosing

Step One: buy amazing leather from Tandy!

Step 2: Patterning

Cut pieces according to your pattern.

I got my pattern cutting a denim jacket into pieces and adapted them. I would have loved to have created the pattern myself but it was my very first jacket so I didn't feel up to the challenge, I was more focused on the piece itself.

Step 3: Stitching

Start the never ending stitching process!

The leather is pretty thick so I punched each hole with a hole punch and then stitched with waxed thread.

Step 4: Piecing Together

Step by step, start seeing progress...

For the side parts that you can see on this picture, I decided to hide the stitching on the inside.

Step 5: Fitting

If the arm works, you're on the right track!

Again the arms are stitched on the inside which is very scary: I had no idea if I was on the right track while sawing and only knew I did it right when I was done and turned it around!

Step 6: Brainstorming

What you pictured first might not look like would have hoped... change it

Step 7: Deciding

You'll end up with something that fits your vision better.

I stitched each side of the zipper to the leather with waxed thread.

I made sure to hide the metal part of the zipper so that only the brown piece shows.

Step 8: Bottom Band

I then added 3 piece at the bottom:

Two from the front to the sides and one for the back.

Step 9: Almost There!

I decided to go with a simple collar: it's just a strap folded on itself and sawn on.

I the added buttons on the collar and on the bottom strap and finished by folding and stitching the wrists and bottom strap.

Tandy Leather Contest 2016

Second Prize in the
Tandy Leather Contest 2016



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    17 Discussions

    This is incredible work. Looks as good or better than what you would buy at a store.

    Sorry, I can't find the other part of the tutorial. What should I do after I decided if I want a zipper or buttons? How do I go about installing the zipper? And what do I do next? The jacket in the photo is half way finished so I guess I am missing the other part of the tutorial and I can not see any "next page" or something that would indicate there is "to be continued". Thank you!

    1 reply


    Thank you for pointing it out, there must have been a bug in my upload.

    I'll take some time to add the missing parts tomorrow. :)

    Fantastic! You have made me want to do this. BIG thanks!

    what a great work! ;)

    I got the pattern buying a cheap denim jacket, cut it into pieces and adapted to what I wanted to make.


    Thank you for your comments :)

    Don't hesitate to vote for me!!!

    where did you get the pattern???

    Ooh, love the jacket! I would also love to learn more about this pattern! The design of the jacket is just perfect :)

    I'd like to know about the pattern too

    That tunred out looking great! Where did you get your patern from?