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The shape seemed simple, so I made it quick and failed once. I should have been more careful. For the lid and full bias work, I worked with my hands to make the work at home by yourself. And I didn't use any reinforcement but use reinforcement if you want to make it harder. Even beginners will be able to produce high-quality results if they make them slowly following the video. I hope you enjoy your craft today.

Step 1: Sketch

It's helpful to draw the clutch first to visualize

Step 2: Cut the Leather and Lining

Cut the leather according to the pattern

Step 3: Apply Glue and Paste

Apply a glue on edge about 13mm thick

Step 4: Making H Logo

Three layers of leather overlap.

If it's too thick to cut, It's okay to cut and paste it first.

Step 5: Making a Strap

Attach the middle sponge(1t)

Stitch outside and apply edge paint

Step 6: Attach the Logo and Strap


Stitch the middle part first before applying.

Step 7: Stitch Bias on Top Edge

Wrap the top with a bias.

Step 8: Stitch Bias on Edge

Match the number of stitch holes.

That way you can sew beautifully without a machine.

Step 9: Side Bias

Prepare side bias.

Stitch the inside first.

Step 10: Assemble Whole Parts

Prepare the side panel.

Wrap it up with the before bias one.

Step 11: Done!

Thanks for watching! =)

Hope you enjoy it



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    3 months ago on Step 1

    Nice tutorial! I would like to give this a try, but I can't find where to download the pattern.

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