Leatherman Wave: Hidden Lanyard Piece




Introduction: Leatherman Wave: Hidden Lanyard Piece

The leatherman wave, one of the best tools someone can get. Most people use it for years and years and it never fails. Leatherman sells a lanyard piece as an accessory, But there's one thing a lot of people don't know, there is a hidden lanyard piece, it even swivels! I will explain in the following steps how to find it.

Step 1: The Saw

First get the big bit out of the inside. Then fold out the saw. You will see a circle thing where the point of the saw used to be.

Step 2: Press It Out

Use the flat head side of bit to press the hidden lanyard piece out.

Step 3: Finally!

It's a bit hard to press it out, but here it is!



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It would be good if the original post could point out that this 'structable is for the original Wave as others have noted.

fully agree with you..i am having it from many years ..even though i do not want to use it..so it it like new

I actually cut the hidden lanyard loop off and replaced it with the one that comes with the pocket clip. Now i have both pieces on my wave.

this is my 5th or 6th wave i have owned and i have NEVER found this before !!!!! and i use it EVERY DAY!!!! thanks so much !!

thats great had wave for about 4 yrs something new thank you

It's there for the leatherman charge too :) thanks for figuring it out and sharing.

Awesome, thanks for that, thumbs up :)

My "Surge" has a similar lanyard loop. It's right by the saw/file piece as well. Good Job finding that!

the charge has it too! now i don't need the lanyard piece that i bought.... what to do, what to do. too many options now.

Thank you! I got a wave yesterday and was dissapointed at the (apparent) lack of a lanyard ring. I ran a search to see if someone had hacked one and was pleasantly surprised to find this 'ible.

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My Surge has one as well! Never even saw it there. Of course, I've never fully disassembled the tool. It's MUCH smaller than the wave lanyard ring. Probably to make room for the larger interchangeable saw/file blade.


The older wave has a lanyard attachment located between the large flat screwdriver and the philips screwdriver (at least mine does)