Lego Buggy

Introduction: Lego Buggy

These are instructions for a fun Lego dune buggy that is super easy to assemble! 

Step 1:

Begin with a flat 3 x 9 base and two sets of wheel axles. 

Step 2:

Attach wheel axles to the underside of the base on either end (last row). 

Step 3:

Attach two 2x4 thick blocks on either end of the top side, flush with edges. 

Step 4:

Fit two thick 1x6 blocks lengthwise between end blocks, placed flush with sides.  

Step 5:

Fasten a tall 1x2 block onto the top of a thick 2x2 block to create the driver seat.  Place this in buggy with the rear of the seat flush against the rear block.  

Step 6:

Fasten the tall clear windshield to the inner row of the front block so that it overlaps with the side blocks.  

Step 7:

Attach a thin 1x4 block to the top of the windshield. 

Step 8:

Attach two thick 1x4 blocks on the rear sides of the buggy so that they overlap middle and rear blocks, flush with the rear.  Then fasten the yellow roll bar to the rear pegs.  

Step 9:

Attach two orange discs to the outer most pegs on the top of the windshield bar, and two red discs to the pegs on top of the roll cage. Now you have your caution lights! 

Step 10:

Last, insert the steering wheel and column in the front center of your buggy.  Now your buggy is ready to roll! 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love building these. I spent most of my Lego time growing up building vehicles like this. :D