Lego Dress (How to Attach Legos to Clothing)

Introduction: Lego Dress (How to Attach Legos to Clothing)

(Warning some legos may have been harmed in the making of this dress.)

WHAZZUP ok moving on...

So, this is yet another one of my tutorials that will show you how to alter already existing sewing patterns into really awesome stuff! This time I will be using It's Amazing Fit Simplicity pattern 1417 to create a Lego themed dress! Anyway let's get this party started!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You can't make something out of nothing which is why I have included this handy dandy little list!


  • 4 Green Lego Base Plates
  • Green Material
  • Blue Material
  • 1 Yard Red Material
  • 1 Yard Yellow Material
  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Black Thread
  • Lego's (Preferably flat ones)
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Belt
  • Stitch Ripper
  • Marking Pencil
  • Hot Glue (Optional)
  • It's Amazing Fit Simplicity Pattern 1417

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Pattern Pieces

Now, this pattern is a bit different than the other patterns I have dealt with in the past. Instead, of having several different styles of dresses included in a pattern. This pattern contains several different variations on the same style of dress for different body types.This means that it's really, really important that you read the information about the amazing fit pattern and how to choose the right pattern pieces for your body type before starting your dress. For example, by following the measurement guide I picked out pattern pieces for a slim fit top and and average fit skirt.

When cutting out the pattern, first cut out pattern piece 1 in green fabric; then cut pattern pieces 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,and 15 in blue fabric. The pattern pieces for the pepulum front and back are going to be in red and yellow but, we'll get to that later.

One other thing, to keep in mind when you go to cut out the center front pattern piece; instead of cutting out the neckline as pattern pieces shows bring the top of the shoulder to meet with the folded edge of you fabric so, you can alter it later.

Step 3: Minor Alterations (Neck Line and Dress Length)

Now follow the instructions that came with your pattern until, you get to the section that says "Fine Tuning as You Sew!"

At this point, you will need to locate the center of your neckline and mark it (see picture above). After which, you will be able to experiment with the neck line. Through trial and error until you can find a shape or style you like. ( If you look at the pictures through out this instructable you will see how I eventually ended up with a squared neck line with rounded off corners.)

Speaking of alterations, you are going to want to hem up the length of your dress so, that it is just slightly above your knees (I learned that anything lower than that will make it difficult to walk in when you add on the Lego's later.)

After, completing these alterations go back to where you left off in your pattern instructions and continue on until step 11.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Pepulum

Once, you get to step 11 on the pattern it will be time to create the pepulum! To create more of a pleated look first, take pattern piece 8 trace it back to front three times; making it 3 times longer than the original pattern piece. When you are finished you should have a half circle (see picture for reference).Now, repeat this process for pattern piece 9. Next, add several inches to the bottom of pattern pieces 8 and 9 so, that not only are they longer than the original but, also wider as well (see reference picture 2). Once, you've finished altering both pattern pieces and cut them out go back; and repeat all the steps in this section to, create four total pattern pieces.

Now you can return to the pattern instructions and finish step 11.

Step 5: Pleating the Pepulum

After, finishing step 11 in the dress pattern; skip steps 12-14 and instead, hem the lower edge of each of the four pepulum you made (the part that flares out). Next,add some pleats to each section of your pepulum. this will take a lot of trial and error to accomplish,as you may find that, you need to adjust your pleat measurements as you go. Also, Be sure, to tack down the bottom edges of all your pleats with a few quick stitches.

Finally, continue on to step 15 but, unlike in the pattern instructions; layer your pepulum so, that the red section is on top of yellow section. Also, keep in mind that you may need to baste down the edges of your pepulum closest to the middle of your skirt and trim the edges down so, they don't get in the way of the zipper later on.

Step 6: Attaching Lego Base Plates

Next, take some green Lego base plates and lay them out about where they are going to sit on your dress to see where the plates will sit and if you need to trim any of them down. After, determining the placement and size of you Lego place plates; take a drill and make holes along the edges of the plates. This, will allow you to be able to hand stitch the plates down to your dress. You may need to use a glue gun or other means to temporary glue down your base plates so, they will stay in place while you stitch them down.(Don't worry the glue gun glue wont stick permanently.)

Step 7: Attach Lego's

Now, just grab some Lego's and attach them to the base plates on your dress.

(PS: In hindsight it maybe a good idea to glue the Lego's down with e6000 or super glue otherwise they will start to fall of your dress when you move around.Also, the flat Lego's seem to stay on much better.)

Step 8: Belt

To create the belt for this dress, place some Lego's on the belt where, you intend them to be stitched down and then; take the drill and drill some holes through the Lego's and into the belt. (Flat Lego pieces work best for this!) Next, take some thread and hand stitch all the Lego's down to the belt. Then, to finish the belt off add another layer of Lego's on top of the Lego's you just stitched down. (Again, it's a really good idea to use glue so that the Lego's will stay on the belt without falling off.)

Step 9: Done!

Ta-dA you now have a kick ass Lego dress!

Now go out and have Fun!

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