Lego Folding Tablet Stand

A simple Lego technic tablet stand.

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Step 1: Parts

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4 Discussions


2 years ago

cool thanks


4 years ago on Introduction

The parts list:

2 Pin with Ball (6628)

2 Black Beam 2 x 4 Bent 90 Degrees, 2 and 4 holes (32140)

2 Beam 15 (32278 / 64871)

2 Beam 11 (32525 / 64290)

2 Beam 7 (32524)

6 Technic Pin with Lengthwise Friction Ridges and Center Slots (2780)

6 Axle to Pin connector with Friction (43093)

6 Axle Connector (Smooth with 'x' Hole) (59443)

and then two axles of some size and one axle 2 longer. I used 8 and 10 because I am holding up a 20" monitor with this thing but you want shorter ones.

Images at


4 years ago on Introduction

Would be very nice if you could include a parts-list. All lego-pieces have individual numbers. : ) Because I'd really like to make this, it's very cute and as Joshua mentioned a good gift. ^_^