Lego Key Holder and Note Clip




Introduction: Lego Key Holder and Note Clip

How to make a cool Lego key holder with a note clip..

Step 1:

Watch this video guide:

What You Need

1) A Lego base plate
2) A selection of Lego bricks and plates
3) Adhesive putty or pads
4) A spirit level
3) Keys on a keyring or chain

Step 2:

Take a Lego base plate and stick adhesive putty or pads to the back of it. For a more permanent solution drill through the base plate and fix it to the wall with screws.

Step 3:

Fix the base plate to a suitable place on the wall. Use a spirit level to make sure its straight.

Step 4:

Thread a small Lego flat onto your keyring or chain.

Step 5:

Hang your keys on the board and decorate your Lego base plate with more Lego blocks.

Step 6:

Add a Lego hinge to use as a note holder.

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15 Discussions

Omg that has to be the coolest easiest think to do
What a great idea
U got my vote

1 reply

4 years ago

which lego kits have the flats with holes in or did you have to drill them? I've not come across this part before

1 reply

It is a standard Lego part, but I think it'd from Technic Lego. Part number 3709b

So cool, definitively going to make this one.


Really cool! I have a box of Legos in my closet. Time to break it out!