Lego Triangle





Introduction: Lego Triangle

These little buddies are made entirely of standard 1x2 Lego bricks. If you make a lot you could stack them or link them together. 

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Step 1: Parts

You will need:
-63 1x2 bricks

For 3 color: 21 of each color
For 2 color; 42 of one color, 21 of the other color

Step 2:

Attach 3 bricks as shown. Repeat this 20 more times for a total of 21 stacks. 

Step 3:

Turn the top brick, as shown, on 3 of the sets of stacks. 

Step 4:

Start attaching the stacks as shown. Continue adding stacks until there are 7 bricks in the top row. 

Step 5:

Add another one of the stacks that has the top brick turned. After adding 6 more stacks attach another stack with a turned piece. Finally, attach the rest of the stacks as normal. 

Step 6:

Bring the two ends together to form a triangle. It will be a tight fit but it will snap together with a little pressure. Now experiment with different color designs and sizes. 

Be sure to follow so you don't miss out on some really cool upcoming shapes. 

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    25 Discussions

    Illuminati confirmed?

    Wow, you have so many awesome Lego Instructables! Legos were my childhood :) This bendy Lego stuff is super cool!

    I dont normally comment on lego stuff but this is pretty neat stuff. I used to have 90lbs of them before I sold them all.

    2 replies

    Well thanks for thinking this was neat enough to comment on :) I'm jealous of your 90lbs stash (even if you sold it). I have over 27k pieces but that doesn't include any of the basic bricks. I don't know how much my collection weighs but I'm still fantasizing about a 90lb bin haha

    this is great and it can also be done with duplo 2x2 blocks and 6 2x4 blocks. you have reignited my love of lego. thanks


    I just had an idea, if you put 5 of these onto the flat sides of the lego pentagon you get a lego star!

    post a picture if this works.

    If you stuck six of your Lego triangles inside your Lego circle, you could make a giant Lego Trivial Pursuit gamepiece.

    1 reply

    You're right, it's "not not a triangle" :) I say 3 sides, 3 angles is a triangle in my book. Maybe a Reuleaux triangle such as in a Wankel engine (rotary engine) but a triangle nonetheless.
    Stop hatin and enjoy the Lego shapes.