Lemonade Stand on a Cart



Introduction: Lemonade Stand on a Cart

I had this cart sitting around in the garage. Find it at a garage sale. You are much better off with the cart on wheels. The kids can wheel it out when they need it.

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Step 1: Get a Table Top

I had a table that I got at a thrift store for $5. I used the table legs for something else. Had the table top sitting around and decided to use it here. Better than making your own table top.

Step 2: Attach the Top to the Cart

I had some old cabinet hinges, so I drilled and used screws to attach it to the table, and nuts and bolts to attach it to the cart.

Step 3: Attach Two PVC Pieces to the Table Top.

You are better off attaching these two pieces to the table top. They won't move, and you can attach the whole canopy to these pieces without worrying about it sliding off. Drill through the PVC through the table top, then attach with nuts and bolts.

Step 4: Put the Frame Together

I didn't put measurements for any of these, because it depends on your cart, table top, etc. Just use trial and error, cut some pieces, and fit it together so it looks good. Don't glue anything! This way you can take it apart. You can actually bring it elsewhere in two pieces (cart/tabletop + canopy).

Step 5: Make the Canopy

I finished the frame, then measured, then went to JoAnn Fabrics and got some fabric for the canopy and also to cover the cart.

Step 6: Attach the Canopy

Just buy some Velcro, and cut them with scissors to make small strips. Then attach one side to the PVC at various places, and then stick the other side to the canopy and attach. Also do the same with the cart fabric and attach it to the tabletop.

Step 7: Attach Signs

I wouldn't make your own signs. Just find these at a garage sale. I found a kids' easel with a chalkboard for $10, then threw out the easel. Did the same for a dry erase board. Attach them to the sides. This way, the kids can change what they are selling by writing a new message. Drill through the PVC and attach with nuts and bolts.

Step 8: Dry Erase Board

Had to buy some markers and an eraser at Walgreens.

Step 9: Chalkboard

Bought some chalk, and use a wet rag to erase.

Step 10: Here It Is

A fun project that the kids helped me with. Took awhile to find the pieces and put it together, but the kids use it all the time. They store their lemonade mix, cups, and other things in a big sealable container and have everything ready to go for a sunny day. Enjoy!

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