Lets Build a Snow Man!



Introduction: Lets Build a Snow Man!

  • Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. My computer has been down for a few months and instructables was one of the sites that I couldn't post anything on :(
  • Well good news is that everything is good now and im back to posting! So anyway we are going to build a snow man!

Step 1: Getting Are Stuff Together

Ok so here's a really rough picture of what we need.

A can of various beads or buttons (for eyes and front buttons) or coal

A bag of artificial snow

Two brown pipe cleaners

A old paint brush

Three Styrofoam balls (various sizes)


Red fabric (polyester blend is good)

Fluffy white string (embroidery of the hat)

Long bread knife

Little segment of orange pipe cleaner

Glue (elmers is fine)

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


First cut the top and bottoms off of your Styrofoam balls to give a nice flat area to glue them together (except off the head, just the bottom). Make shure you don't cut to much off your Styrofoam balls. Better to cut not enough off than to much. Sorry I don't have a picture.

Step 2: Stacking Are Snowballs

Stack your Styrofoam balls to make the shape of your snowman and glue them together. If you off set the balls slightly, tilting them it gives him a silly look : )

Once you hot glue your foam balls together add your pipe cleaner arms making shure to snip about 3-5 inches off each pipe cleaner to add latter for the fingers.

For extra strength add a dab of hot glue to the end of the pipe cleaner before you push it into the torso.

Step 3: Packing Are Snow

Next we mix are water and glue together in a 60-40 mix (glue water) play with it a little to get a light glue consistency able to brush

Next brush glue on to each segment and then heavily apply your artificial snow making shure it sticks. Put a good coat of glue and then snow on so you get a good fluffy look.

Step 4: Cutting the Hat and Scarf

Now we need to cut some fabric to make a hat and scarf. For he scarf just cut a long strip of fabric and fray the ends with your scissors.

Step 5: Stiching the Hat

Roil your fabric up and trim slightly to form a hat.

Fold the fabric back to add a little glue and close the seam. then ball up the fluffy yarn into a ball, add a little glue to hold it together and glue it to the top of the hat.

Step 6: More Hat Stiching

Then add more yarn to the rim of the hat.

Put yarn around the hat about 2-3 times to get a good fluff.

Step 7: Tuching Up Are Snowman

Now glue your scarf and hat on and spiffy him up a little.

Then push in a little orange pipe cleaner for the nose.

Break some charcoal and glue it to your snowman for eyes, mouth , and nose or use your buttons.

Step 8: And We Are Done!

Now take that extra pipe cleaner and wrap it around the end of the arms for fingers!

I hope hat you have enjoyed this instructable just as much as I did! Remember I love to hear all of your feed back and would love to see your snowmen! Thanks every one!

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