License Plate Cap Catcher

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Intro: License Plate Cap Catcher

Video link below, for some reason video link above doesn't work on mobile. I'm new to instructables so I might be doing something wrong.

In this video I make a cap catcher from an old license plate. These are fairly easy to make but you do need a pair of tin snips to make the cuts. The vise helps make the bends but you could use a 2x4 to help make the folds. I use a pop rivet gun to make the connections however you can use a small machine screw to make the connections which I have done in the past. If you don't have an old license plate you can use a thin sheet of aluminum or steel. Home depot and Lowes both sell small tin metal sheet goods. I believe they have them as small as 6in. by 18 in. If you do go this route then you can paint it however you like. This is a pretty quick project to make and make great gifts for any beer aficionados or just guys that like to pop a top every now and then. I hope this video inspires you to make your own.



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