Life Changing Box




Introduction: Life Changing Box

Well I've decided to tie the knot and wanted to make it special. I've been looking around for a ring box that was different and not obliviously a ring box. After a few weeks of looking around and not luck I decide to make my own.

Step 1: The Start

One night while everyone was asleep it snuck into my garage and decide I'll just wing it. I had some old walnut that was milled out my Grandpa's walnut tree that I spent my childhood playing in. I was lucky enough to get some logs from that tree when it was cut down knowing I wanted to make something special with the wood. To add some character I added a strip of cherry down the middle. After everything was cut to the right size I glued up one long strip. Out of this I would be able to cut out the three section that make up the box. During the whole build I didn't measure once. I wanted it to feel good in the hand, if it was to wide I just trimmed some off until it felt right.

Step 2: The Design

The basic idea behind the box would be the three sections glued together with the center sections siding out exposing a secret compartment. The center sections was cut into two so that one piece would stay glued to the outer sections and the second center piece could slide out holding the ring. I drilled out a hole to make the secret compartment. Then I drilled out a hole to hold the ring in place. Later that will be filled with foam to keep it tight. To keep it all together I added magnets and set in screws. The magnets were set in place by adding some epoxy and clamping the whole thing in place.

Step 3: Coming Together

Once the magnets were set it was time to glue the thing together. Glue was only added to the center section so it didn't get everywhere. It was all clamped up with the sliding section floating around so that it would fit after the glue was set. It looked very nice all glued up, ready for sanding.

Step 4: Sanding

Well........ lots of sanding. Started with 80 grit and get everything flat and square then moved up in grits until I hit 600 grit.

Step 5: The Finish

Here's where the hard work paid off. I went with a spray on poly, after the first coat the grain really stood out. After about 5 coats of the poly it was time to add the foam and felt. I just used some packing foam I got from work and stuffed the ring hole with it. I spayed the felt with some spray adhesive then glued it in place then some trimming was needed.

Step 6: All Done

Here it is all together. I had to borrow a ring for the pictures(still haven't found the right one just yet.)

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    Nice ring box. I like the two tones from the different wood that you used. Your photos and instructions were easy to follow. I like that you came up with this and just got up and executed the build. Great job and good luck in the contest.

    What an incredibly lovely gesture. You're a very talented guy and it seems that this gorgeous box was just waiting to be created by you. Your partner is also obviously someone who brings out that amazing side of you which is very precious. All the best and wishing more amazing creativity to you both.

    What a LOVELY gift that will surely become a family heirloom! (If there are more at home like you, I have daughters, lol!!)


    2 years ago

    "One night while everyone was asleep it snuck into my garage and decide I'll just wing it."..... And used power tools. You must have fantastic sound proofing... Nice box too. ;)

    1 reply

    Surprisingly, I can't hear the saw in the garage when I'm up in my room. Even my sons room, which is right above the garage, can barely hear it running. We must have some good insulation!

    My favorite medium is wood and I have never made anything this elaborate. Absolutely beautiful creativity and work! When she sees how much thought and time have gone into the creation of this magnificent box, she'll definitely trust that you will always place her needs first in your relationship. May you live and love a very long, happy life together. (My husband and I observed our 50th anniversary last year.) Best of luck to you both!

    1 reply

    Wow, I know what I'M doing for my 10 wedding anniversary - excellently done! I'm more of a "Metal and fire" kind of craft hound but this is quite inspirational.

    1 reply

    Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.


    2 years ago

    put a piece of foam to hold the ring in the box in case it is opened up-side-down.

    Outstanding job simple elegant and beautiful good luck and best wishes.


    2 years ago

    Really nice, beautiful work!

    Thats beautiful

    Hope your intended is not an Instructables subscriber. ;-)

    Awesome concept for the box, and it looks great!

    Good luck to you!

    Whoa, this is awesome. Good luck!

    I made a custom ring box for my lady for the same reasons you did! It was super small, just barely large enough to fit the ring in. It had a drawer with the profile of the ring carved exactly into it. It was a bit tedious but definitely a labour of love. She'll love the box, it's gorgeous and the fact that you made it will mean so much to her. Good luck with the proposal and more so with everything afterwards!!!

    awesome great work

    Good luck!


    2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful box! Good luck!