Life Size Nimbus 2000




I recently decided to become closer to the Wizarding world and what better way than to make the one, the only, the nimbus 2000.

It is made out of pine and other than the bristles was completely free.

This is my first Instructable so be kind.

The ingredients for this potion of awesomeness are as follows:

- A pine or any other wood sleeper, I found that it was definitely beneficial to have a soft wood.

- A gold sharpie or other marker

- Bristles for the broom I used another broom and stripped it

- Cable ties

- various Power tools

Step 1: Step 1 : Template

I found a template somewhere on the internet but cant for the life of me remember where. I included it here anyway. I only ended up using it as a guide but it was never the less a good reference point.

To make my template I made a design on wrapping paper because I didn't have like a roll of parchment. I then cut it out ready to be applied to my piece of pine. Just for reference it is 1 meter from tip to where the bristles start.

I then proceeded to stab it onto my piece of pine and mark it on with marking paint so it wouldn't move when I cut it.

Step 2: Cutting

My jigsaw was killed by Lord Voldemort when i was very young and as a consequence I had to cut this out as best as I could with a table saw. It had a lot of extra material but it was close enough to work with.

Step 3: Sanding

I then had to sand the broom to its final shape. Also on my list of tools to purchase is a strip stander. As it was however I had a belt sander which I clamped in my vice and used to do my sanding, it ended up being beneficial as i could have more space and control with this angle rather than vertical.

I sanded until i had the correct shape and then moved to hand sanding. If i had a Time Turner i would most definitely take longer to get this right but at the time i had spend the whole day shaping it and decided to call it quits.

Its also important to note that I had earmuffs, respirator and safety glasses on, here in the muggle world we don't have Madame Pomferey to help us.

Step 4: Stain

I used a mahogany stain and applied three coats but you could use any dark stain.

Step 5: Hell on Earth

I had a lot of trouble with this step. I believe it would be easier to do with material more like that of those twig fences. My material, a rustic look broomstick was not very suitable as it was too sturdy and didn't bend well.

Anyway after spending a couple hour hours bumbling around i found the best way to do it was to start by using a pool noodle secured with duct tape to fill up some of the space and then put a cable tie loosely around where you want the bristles to start then with the help of a friend place bristles all around the shaft and tighten the tie. then another tie should be placed on the end bit where you want the bristles to stop like in the first picture. I then added two more cable ties to the rider end so that it would look more like the movie version. I then trimmed them about a centimeter past the last tie on both sides, for this I used a small pair of snips but anything you be used such as a knife or saw.

Because my bristles were too light in colour I used the same mahogany stain to make them darker.

Step 6: Logo

I used the gold sharpie to draw to design from a reference picture

Note: It is important to practice a few times as my first attempts turned out rubbish.

Step 7: Done!

I gave it a few coats of clear and it coloured the zipties gold with the marker and it was done.

As i said before this is my first 'ible so give me some feedback! Was is any good, what could I do differently and would you like to see more. also vote for me in the Wizarding Contest please if you feel i deserve it.

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    2 years ago

    This is going to be awesome for my Gryfifndor costume this Halloween!!!!?


    2 years ago

    fantastic attention to detail. keep up the good work.

    1 reply

    well im 15 and it took me just over one weekend to do so i mean you could make one if you set your mind to it


    2 years ago

    Firebolt is still better


    3 years ago

    Nice replica. Looks just like the one I won from toysRus when the first movie came out :D