Light Pollution




Introduction: Light Pollution

This is a project about light pollution, which I simulate a micro world under the water.

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Step 1: Step1

I bought these 3D models to fold it by myself, it was really hard to fold it and would hurt your fingers.

Step 2: Step2: Soldering

Soldered the wires and LEDs together, and use tape to make sure to cover the notch in order to make these waterproof.

Also, solder the ultrasonic sensor with the wires, we do not have to tape it, we will stick the sensor outside of the container.

Step 3: Step3: Arduino

Step 4: Step 4: Insert

Stick the artificial grass and tree in the bottom of the container.

And insert LEDs inside the 3D models.

Then, stick the Arduino and breadboard outside of the container.

And try to flatten the wires which inside of the container, and stick on the grass.

Also, the Ultrasonic sensor should go around the container to the front.

Finally, the container should fullfill with water. And drop a drip of dark blue liquid pigment inside.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    I've seen those metal models before, but never thought they were worth investigating. This piece is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it :-)