Lightweight Backpacking Spice Kit





Introduction: Lightweight Backpacking Spice Kit

Here I will show you how you can take all your spices with you in a lightweight and secure container to your next backpacking trip!

I have seen an instructable on this and I thought I could make it easier for you...

The same principle but the closing of the straws is with fire... That makes it faster and probably more secured.

This are waterproof and you can seal them again if you have some heat source when you are camping (like fire! match, or lighter).

have fun and enjoy it!

Step 1: What You Need:

1. Straws
2. Lighter
3. Container
4. Spices
5. Permanent Marker

Step 2: How to Close the Strwas With Lighter

Here is a video so you can see it better! It;s so easy!

Just don't put it into the fire... just close enough so it get's hot enough... then close them with your finger... if you are scared of doing so... get your fingers cold in the freezer then do it!

Don't burn anything!!!

Step 3: Final Product!

Here you go! you are now ready to go lightweight backpacking with all your spices!

Now make as many as you need!

I managed to make one with oil!!! just be careful cuz it might light up... it's quite flammable... do it over the zinc and you'll be safe!!! happy filling!!! You can put vinegar, oil, lemon, and whatever else you use or like!!!

Enjoy your meal!!

One last thing:

The easiest way to open them for use is also with a lighter... you just heat it up and it pops open!!

God bless you all!



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    Great idea! You could even measure out the spice before hand if you have a specific dish that you know you are going to make. Also, if you're making something with a collection of spices, you could mix them before you leave and put them in a single straw. I wonder if it would work to put lighter fluid in one to refill a lighter just make fire starting a little easier?

    must show this to my vents tomorrow night. think they'll really love it!!

    I don't know if it's been added yet, I read the first page but had to stop (migraines). Anyway, if a larger straw size is what you're looking for, Burger King has *huge* straws for their milkshakes. You might check them out.

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    A really great idea.

    In addition to Burger King, another idea for big straws is to get the straws for "bubble tea", aka "boba drink" aka that drink at Asian places that have those tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink. These straws can be up to half an inch (about 13mm) in diameter. You have to be careful to not get the flimsy thin ones.

    I found this:

    If by chance this turns out to be a dead link, do a search on for "fat boba straws".

    That's great! But i think someone already did something very similair. I also dont think "pizza"(step 1, fourth picture, third jar from the left) is a spice =D

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    There is actually a pizza "spice", usually referred to as seasoning. The blend is different depending on who makes it, but generally contains oregano, garlic, and thyme. I usually make my own when making homemade pizza, but you can buy the seasoning premade in the spice section of the store. Italian seasoning is a good substitute, too :)

    The link to the other one is there... he just made it more complicated!!! It's some Pizza condiment... LOL

    The other Ible seems to make things more complicated than the method described above. In the other you have to use tape with the straws. With this one you use a lighter, which most backpackers will keep with them anyway. One less thing to pack if you want to reseal the spices after use. A pretty good looking instructible I think, so let's lay off the sarcasm and rudeness.

    I wasn't trying to be rude. I was simply pointing something out. I did not notice the link in the intro. And i dont understand where you got the sarcasm from.

    Very clever idea for a small-scale setup. Film canisters are awesome for larger quantites, if you can find them anymore :O If anyone needs to figure the volume of one of these, use this formula: volume equals 'pi' times the radius squared times the height. Or maybe use a medicine dropper to experiment with different amounts. Using metric would make volume conversions easier, I think. (A cc is a cc, vs. cubic inches to ounces.)

    I finally got around to making one of these, only I had too many spices in my cupboard and had to use an empty Altoids tin. I used a slightly different method to close it though. I held the end in my pliers, and then melted the protruding end. I then made a little sleeve to keep the tin from opening up in my pocket or backpack.

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    You could squeeze the end with pliers while heating, thus avoiding burning. I carry my Leatherman everywhere so it's like a extension of me. It's helped me avoid burns many many times.

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    That's the method I used when I finally made mine today. I'd tried before the same way the author did, but ended up burning myself and making a mess, then gave it up as a lost cause. I saw a newer 'ible where they sealed their straws by holding with pliers, then melting. That worked perfectly!

    So, has anyone figured the volume (liquid) of the straw? If I were to use these for oil, how much oil would each straw contain -less than a tablespoon, I'd imagine, but how much? Anyone? Anyone?

    Very smart! I'm on it for the next trip. Lightweight option! Been backpacking 25 years and have never seen this or thought of it! Way to go!

    Neat idea, although on the fourth picture, a spice is titled "Pizza"....