Little Barn Door for Home Security




Introduction: Little Barn Door for Home Security

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In the news lately there have been reports of people putting cameras on the outside of peepholes to see into your house/apartment/hotel room.

I (Steph) started thinking about the peephole in my front door and possible ways of covering it when not in use. After much thought, I came up with a DIY solution that is cute, functional, removable, and adds a little more security to my home. Mom helped bring the idea into reality and had most of the materials we used in her craft stash! Watch the video above to see it come together.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Materials


  • (9) Large popsicle sticks
  • Craft Glue
  • Metal Hanger
  • Duct tape
  • Rubber door stop
  • Sugru Moldable Glue
  • Wood stain
  • (2) Lego gray half pin with stud
  • (2) Lego black tile 1x4
  • (2) Lego black wheel spoked small (these are apparently retired pieces now but you can still find them online for sale or just use a different wheel)

Step 3: Tape 5 Sticks Together

We started with five large popsicle sticks. We made a guide to hold the sticks while we duct taped them together.

Step 4: Measure, Cut & Glue Sticks to Cover Bottom and Top

Step 5: Make X Pattern

To make the X pattern on the door, we measured and cut the sticks again.

It took a few tries to get the right cut on the sticks, but we had plenty of extra sticks to practice with.

Step 6: Find a Handle

The handle is the rubber end of a door stop. This was something that we had available but get creative with this.

I dipped the door stop in the same stain we used for the door so it would look cohesive.

Step 7: Stain Door and Glue X

Step 8: Figure Out Placement at Front Door

We use tin snips to cut a straight piece of metal from an old coat hanger.

Step 9: Make Wheels With Legos

To make the barn door move, we used six Lego pieces. I have a large Lego collection so this came from my personal stash. If you're not into Legos, you can probably do this with small wheels from the hardware store.

We added a half pin to a wheel, and attached a 1x4 tile to that. The wheel rolls very smoothly.

Step 10: Use Sugru to Attach Handle and Wheels

We have been wanting to try out Sugru. It's a product that is designed to stick and mold to many things and can be removed. We thought it would be great for this project.

We used it to attach the handle in place. We used a toothpick to remove the excess Sugru.

We also used it to attach the wheels to the barn door.

Step 11: Attach Bar to Front Door With Sugru

Sugru takes 24 hours to cure so I placed a piece of duct tape on the metal bar to keep it in place.

Step 12: Done!

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    21 Discussions

    There's something I didn't know. The peephole in my house has a lens system that you can see from the inside out, but if you try to peek from the outside you'll see nothing, I thought this system was used in every door. I didn't know there were actual peepholes where you could see from both sides. Live and learn, as they say.

    1 reply

    You would think you can't see into a room from the other side of the peep hole. But normally you can't. However, they have devices now that optically will cancel the distortion and gives you a clear (limited however) view of the other side of the door. Google "reverse peephole viewer". By placing something in front of the peephole - these will not work.

    Just use a piece of electrical tape. As well cover the camera on your phone/computer as well as disable microphones.

    1 reply

    I don't do anything with the microphones. If by any chance someone does nose around, the only thing they're going to hear is possibly breathing and or an occasional loud fart noise. ;D Oh if only there was smellavision for those occasions. ;D LOLOLOL

    Looks great! You could also use a washer that will fit over the peep hole and a supermaget over that if you have a metal door. Glue the magnet to the washer. Glue a bottle cap or something to the magnet for decoration. For your design, glue the metal rod to a magnet on each end, and use those to hold to the door. This would be great for travel in a hotel room if they had metal doors.

    1 reply

    Woww..... I think i can apply this in my home

    So cute! In hotels, I just slap a piece of duck tape over it.

    1 reply

    Looks really cool, I don't have the time to do that sorta thing but if I did this would be one of my projects, the instructions are very good too