"Live Long and Prosper"

Introduction: "Live Long and Prosper"

About: Not THAT kind of hooker. The kind armed with a crochet hook. ;)

Everyone's favorite half-Vulcan looks a little...fuzzier. :)

Crocheted with an E-sized hook using acrylic yarn, filled with polypellets to weigh it down and polyfil to fluff it up!
Head and body are adapted from this free pattern for Ogilvy dolls, with a pair of pointy ears attached!
Pattern for Spock's pointy ears can be found here (scroll down to where it says "single leaf").
*Note: The ears in the photo don't use this pattern, but I've used the above pattern for later Spocks that I made for friends and felt that those ears turned out better!

Communicator badge was simply cut out from felt and glued on, so he can relay to his colleagues if something is...illogical. :)



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    Oh my goodness it's so cute! He's even got the pointy sideburns! Your son looks so happy with his buddy! :)

    Thank you :) He loved it so much back then. He was in preschool at the time and he brought it to school with him as his "nap-time friend". He slept with it every day. :)

    Thank you! That also reminds me that I forgot to cite how I made the ears! (instructables fail, I know) I've added it to the description. :)