Lock Your Any File/folder Without Software (Using Batch-File)


Introduction: Lock Your Any File/folder Without Software (Using Batch-File)

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Hello Now you can easily lock your file or folder in windows without any software. i have created a batch file for it. you can download it from here [size : 45 kb]
[Here I am asking for Download because it contains more than 1000 line which i cant write here]


Its Amazing.  just try it once.

Download it on your desktop and follow this step for use.

Step 1: Setup

Now Double Click on it. and just wait for finish. It will take just few seconds.

Step 2: Register Detail [Name,Password,Security Question, Answer]

After that you will see one file on desktop name with "FFLocker 1.0". Double click on it. It will ask for detail from you  just enter your name, Password, Security question, Answer.

Note : You can only lock/unlock your file/folder after log in. So you have to remember your password. And you can reset your password by answering security question. So Remember both.

Step 3: Login

Now Select Option 1 for log in and Enter your password.

Step 4: Lock Folder

Now Select Option 1 for Lock File/Folder. Then After you have to Select Option 2 For Lock Folder. [You can also Lock file by choose option 1]

Step 5: Enter Folder Name and Path



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    9 Discussions

    then it is no meaning of security bcz someone know your file/folder name or path than he/she easily show your data

    is this software is used by only admin or by another user of the same computer

    1 reply

    buddy can u tell me how to crack mixed password I mean numeric as well as alphabetic bcz mostly people has mixed password !!! if u can do it then plz post it :)

    1 reply

    You can't "crack" it, but if you wanted to you could change it. FFMurderer allows you to see your password and change it. As well as doing it for your username, sec. question, sec. answer, etc. If you wanted to you could just unlock a file using it, no login required. ( FFMurderer https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Hack-FFLocker-FFMurderer-/ )

    What happen if by mistake fflocker bat file get delated ?? My data will lost?o r safe?

    1 reply

    No, your stuff won't get deleted.

    You'll just have to redownload FFLocker to unlock it, or if you can't remember your password or security question, just download FFMurderer to let you unlock w/o login, change your stuff, or even re-install FFLocker ( FFMurderer https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Hack-FFLocker-FFMurderer-/ )