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I had an empty badminton shuttle box lying around. So I thought to make something out of it. But I didn't know what to do with it. I don't know why I made a robot out of it but I did. Today I'll be writing on this on how to make this robot "The LulaBot".

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Let's hop in.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need

  • Arduino pro mini 5v 16 mHz (Any board will do but as I'm making a small robot I used that)
  • HC05 bluetooth module
  • L293d motor driver or L298n motor driver (L293d is smaller so I'll go for it)
  • 2x gear motors and Compatible wheels
  • 3.3k resistor
  • 2.2k resistor

for body I used a

  • Badminton shuttle box

And some wires and hot Glue.

Step 2: Principle:

This robot is wireless controlled. So the android app sends some characters and arduino reads them via the HC05 bluetooth module using Serial communication. Say I sent 'f' then coded the robot if it reads 'f' execute the forward statements. If no command do nothing means stop the robot.

Step 3: Make the Body

To make the body first I cut the box (rolling box) . Then I cut some round pieces of card board to place the motor on each side (see picture 2 & 3). Then use sufficient amount of hot glue to secure everything in place. Also cut a place to add batteries and electronics inside. After that install the wheels. Now, you see the wheel just barely touches the ground so add some hot glue to make the wheel larger, looks kind of wheels ice trucks use (see last two pictures). Then paint it as you want, it's your robot baby ;) . I used powder spray coat.

Step 4: The Circuit and Electronics

I have made it using L293d motor driver as it is too tiny and was suitable for small robots. But for your convenience I made the same circuit with L298n motor driver module (It's easier to use). Then I soldered everything on a vero board (look at pics).

Note: The HC05 will survive 5v but it's 3.3v logic voltage device that's why I used 3.3k and 2.2k resistors to step down the voltage from 5v to almost 3.3v. Better save to than be sorry right?

Step 5: Uploading the Code & Download App

Now Arduino pro mini is cheapest that's why It doesn't come with usb programming option. You can upload code using a usb to TTL module but I like another way. You can use your arduino Uno to upload code to your arduino pro mini.


  1. Remove the ATmega IC
  2. connect uno 5v to pro mini vcc
  3. TX to tx
  4. RX to rx
  5. reset to rst

Now open Arduino.ide and select arduino pro mini 5v 16 mHz then just upload the Code.


/* Arduino Rolling robot
 *  by Ashraf Minhaj
 *  mail me at
 *  Declare the arduino pins

int lm1 = 10; //declare 1st motor pins
int lm2 = 9;
int rm1 = 8;   //right motor pins
int rm2 = 7;

void setup()
  //initlize the mode of the pins

//set the serial communication rate

void loop()
  //check whether arduino is reciving signal or not 
  while(Serial.available() == 0);
  char val = ;//reads the signal

  /*********For Forward motion*********/
  if (val == 'F')
    /*********For Backward Motion*********/
  else if(val == 'B')
  else if(val == 'R')
  else if(val == 'L')
    Serial.println("No data or Invalid!!!");
    digitalWrite(rm2,LOW);</p><p>  }

I downloaded the app from playStore (Of course I could make my own app but let it be). Download the app from here.

Step 6: Final Step

Now open the app and then it'll ask to on bluetooth hit ok. Before you can connect ot HC05 you need to pair to that bluletooth module first. Open your bluetooth settings and then click pair (password is already given there).

I used 2 3.7v lithium batteries to make a 7.4v battery. You may use 7 to 9 v batteries.

Now have fun and please pray and vote for me if you have liked the robot.



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