Luxurious Outdoor Shower - Part 4 [Door & Plumbing]




Introduction: Luxurious Outdoor Shower - Part 4 [Door & Plumbing]

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This is the 4th and the last part of the Luxurious Outdoor Shower and in this instructable you'll see: How I made the "Door" and How I installed the "Plumbing".

Step 1:

With a try square align the timbers in the corners. Also you can take a tape measure and check the length from the left side to be equal to the right side.

Step 2:

Then I placed the next timber, hit it with a rubber mallet and nailed its edges.

Step 3:

Repeated the same thing until the end.

Step 4:

I placed a piece of wood, aligned it, marked it on each end and then cut it from both sides.

Step 5:

With the same procedure, I placed 2 more pieces at the other corner too.

Step 6:

Then I put a screw every 10cm on the pcs placed up and down and every 20cm on the pcs placed corner to corner.

Step 7:

Because, I didn’t have a long enough post, I put a short one at the bottom and another one at the upper part for the door to stop.

Step 8:

I placed the door using three hinges.

Step 9:

Placed one latch on the outside and one on the inside.

Step 10:

Then I painted the whole construction with teak oil.

Step 11:

Now for the plumping, after I took the measurements, I cut all the pcs and put them together to see if everything fits right.

Step 12:

Then I started to connect the pcs one by one.

Step 13:

I put the water ball valve to the vise, then I took the brass part which connect the water ball valve with the copper tube and put the thread seal tape around it.

Step 14:

I placed the copper tube cutter on the copper tube and I started to turn it around the copper tube until it was cut.

Step 15:

Smooth the edges from inside and outside.

Step 16:

Brushed the point I sanded with the solder paste for a Fast, Clean and Sure solder joint.

Step 17:

Heat around the copper tube and then placed the solder without letting it touch the blowtorch.

Step 18:

I painted it matt black for a more beautiful appearance.

Step 19:

... and the water ball valves, in order to recognize hot and cold.

Step 20:

I made two holes for the hot and the cold water to pass into the shower.

Step 21:

I placed plastic clips for an easier and faster way.

Step 22:

With a plastic pipe cutter I cut the pipes in the right dimensions.

Step 23:

I also placed a stainless steel flexible shower hose, the wall mount, the handheld and finally the showerhead!

Step 24:

Oh yeah it’s ready for a try!

Step 25:

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked it!

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