M134 Mini Gun

Introduction: M134 Mini Gun

Basically a replica based on a design concept that I saw on Instructables.  Added some details, removable barrel assembly with a key chain push button remover.  Have no idea what they call them but they are 2.00 at home depot.   The barrel will remove when you push the button, so you can change belts for the drive system.  9 volt drill, motor on right side enclosed in PVC as well.   The instructable I saw used resin to make the barrel assembly disks...I used 1/4 acrylic and drilled with a spade bit at 5/8 from both sides, this fit the barrels perfect!.
    2 guns were designed, 1 new out of the crate, 1 Very used.....

I will post more in the future about my endeavors. Please let me know what you think.  
      Please don't get critical, I was in the military and understand the fine details, but hell looks pretty convincing right?



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    Looks awesome dude I would love to get a build sheet as I want to build one my self :)

    ay, the trigger assembly is a ryobi drill, I removed the motor and move it to the side of the gun in the lower tube. I soldered wire from the trigger switch to the motor. I am planning on making this into an instructable.

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    Very nice Recreation. (Love the Spec. Plate on pic #2). I worked the GUA - 8 Weapon System when i was in and must say you did a great job. I would love to see the steps you took (i.e. "ible"). Thanks for sharing

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    I will be building another Mini Gun in a month or so.. This one I will document for an instructable. The new gun will be used for a performance prop for club performers. Incorporate lasers and CO2 .

    Keep looking I will also be adding posts for costume creation and props as well in the future.


    Would be nice if you actually did an Instructable...........

    I don't care where it was posted still LOOKS BOSS!!!!!!!!!!! Got to make me one of those..

    Yes, yes, very impressive, but what's this doing in the FOOD section?

    I'd definately like to see the "ible" on this build, not sure why you posted it in food though.. food for thought ?