M42 Mount HOLGA LENS! (tutorial) (lowest Cost)




Introduction: M42 Mount HOLGA LENS! (tutorial) (lowest Cost)

Things you will need:

1. Screwdrivers
2. m42 Camera Cap (I made a mistake in the picture sorry)
3. Holga Lens

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Step 1: Simply Take Out the Shutter From the Holga Lens

After removing the shutter and other loose parts that can be taken out by unscrewing,
and clip away all plastic that is sticking out, hard to explain, but its best the inside is totally flattend

Step 2: Heat Up the Screw Driver.

Please do it with a fat plastic handled screw driver, because you dont want to burn your fingers
with your own screw drivers,

use the heated screw driver and poke holes in around the screw mold.
because if you do you can't screw the holga lens back on!..
so be very careful not to touch it!

Step 3: CRACK and RIP

when you are almost done with the hold poking, you can probably pluck the mold out.
i used various screw drivers, positive, negative, big and small. (i dont have much money these are the only tools i have)

Step 4: Smooth Things Out

Look for a file or sand paper, I only have a nail file, which i think is good enough for plastic
takes alot of time because you have to file it really really flat. 100% flat.
do this in an empty bin, you dont wanna make your room filled with black dust.
get a wet tissue (add a little water to the tissue paper) wipe a little away then then keep filing.

ATTENTION!, don't file off the screw mount too! :D

Step 5: MAKE a HOLE in the Middle of M42 Camera Cap

Make a hole with the heated screw driver but leaves some space for them to stick together
(screw and glue) it just has to be bigger then the one on the screw holga screw mold.

then all you have to do is Attach them together

Holga Screw Mold
M42 camera cap (cover)

I used super glue and 2 screw to bind them together
wait until it they dry up.

Step 6: Semi Final

Now just screw the Holga lens back onto the screw mold that is attached to the m42 camera cap (cover)
then TADA! the m42 Holga lens :D

Since there are alot of Adapters out there for m42 -> to something else
this lens can fit ANY camera that has an m42 mount
and the focusing system is the same, you just screw it in and out to focus


If you cannot focus to infinity thats because you didn file enough at step 4
you should file it so much until the holga lens could touch the M42 cover. when screwed to max

Step 7: Final

I use a EXA-B1 film camera and did some shots,
it doesn't work well with digital slr, but maybe it would work well with Full Frame ones.
i tested it with a d300 and the qualities came out quite normal, nothing special.
With film its just beautiful. after cross processing.
here are my sampled pictures


there is also 1 sample picture here.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    No idea how i missed this! Great work.