MB-102 Breadboard Jumper Power Rails

Introduction: MB-102 Breadboard Jumper Power Rails

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This is a simple write up because I found that using the cheap Chinese breadboard with the break in the middle of the power rail is fine but using wire or small jumper pins dont always work. Sometimes ive found that using a piece of wire will loose contact if the wire shifts. This seems to be a more fixed and permanent way of keeping the contact points connected.

tools used were some scrap PCB and Pin headers. Soldering iorn, solder, razor blade, cutters, and a breadboard.

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Step 1: Gathered Materials and Cut Them Down

First I gathered PCB board and male pin headers.

Cut the PCB down to a strip of 2 rows and the pin headers down to to piece sections.

Step 2: Place on Breadboard and Measure PCB

Next you want to place your pin headers on either side of the Power rail gap and measure the PCB board for length. i found mine was 3 pin spaces. Cut the PCB board down more so it is manageable.

Step 3: Solder Everything to Gether

Solder everything together, add a solder trace between the gap for each side to connect the sides. after i had the gaps connected, i went ahead and used a razor blade to make sure that the positive and negative sides were not touching.

Step 4: Trim and Test Continuity

I then trimmed up the excess PCB board that was protruding from the edges to give it a more slim look and to be less bulky.

then i check continuity between rails and gap pins, to make sure what needed to be connected was connected and what shouldn't have been wasn't.

Step 5: Finished

I completed 4 pieces because i have to of the breadboard. this is what mine looked like in the end.

Hopefully this will help out someone else who is using the cheep breadboards.

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