Introduction: MINI LAPTOP

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Step 2: Design Work

Step 3: Review of All Componnent

Step 4: Make Power Supply

Step 5: Choosing the Operating System

Step 6: Installing the Operating System

Step 7: Assemble All Component to Test It's Working or Not ?

Step 8: Make Display Attractive

Step 9: Final Assembly

Step 10: Make Audio System

Step 11: Final Step. START !



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    53 Discussions

    Very nice design. I am inspired to make this my next project.

    So, as I was looking for some better deals on the necessary materials, I came across touch screen 7 inch displays, and I was wondering what components I would need to change or replace to install that if I were to use it.

    Shall we use LCD TV in place of 7" HD screen and used as a Android TV. What are the component to be require if we use in LCD TV.

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    Micro idea.Yes you can make your tv as computer .You need one HDMI cable.connect raspberry pi and tv using HDMI cable.but TV should have HDMI port.

    is there any way i could remake the mother board with more ram or a ram slot

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    I already have most of the components, all I need is the raspberry Pi. Being a computer nut has it's perks. I collect and keep old computer and phone parts. The only negative comment I have is about the keyboard, the buttons are a little noisy when pressed. I use mine often and that is my only issue. I can see this being an awesome project for me when I have more time.


    Question 2 months ago

    Could anyone give me a link to the specific plastic box to use, along with the battery and speaker? I couldn't find them anywhere.Thank you!

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    Ok I did find the battery but it's from an Indian company I believe, so I'm not sure how I can get it in the US. Does anyone know a battery that could fit well in that box?

    i was looking at zram does it work

    what did you use for the keyboard shelf or the cover

    i voted and am gonna make it PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS GUY HE DESERVES IT

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    you built something this cool you deserve, also i have been wacthing your channel and i like your modo "creativiy can change the world."